Did any one but me catch what Boehner said at the Begin of his rebuttal? The man who passed out Tobacco lobbyist checks on the floor of the house of representatives referred to the government of the United States as a business!


Before I served in Congress, I ran a small business in Ohio. I was amazed at how different Washington DC operated than every business in America. Where most American business make the hard choices to pay their bills and live within their means, in Washington more spending and more debt is business as usual.”


While ruining for governor of CA  Arnold Schwarenegger  declared repeatedly,  “I want to make California better for business!” Arnold like Boehner  boasted of his prior business experience as  qualifying  him to run state government.  Basically, Schwarenegger, like Boehner assumed that business should always remain at the top of the food chain and we citizens (consumers in their minds)  should wait  as spectators in some dark corner to be “trickled down” upon.


The Obamabots want us to compromise? If one side thinks the government itself should be privatized and run like a business and the other thinks it should be run like a functioning government where is the compromise?


The new breed of Republican Governors (Walker,  Scott,  Snyder, Kasich) are acting as “poison pills” placed in the body politic by disgruntled working class whites who lost their collective minds upon waking up to see a Black man in the White house!

These Governors  (like parasites ) plan to lay their eggs of  privatization inside OH, MI, FL, and Wisconsin and allow their young to feast from within on the commons until they are no more!


Without a common sub strait upon which to do business the market cannot  function. The fact that Boehner thinks the government is a business and should be run like one should end any more talk of compromise.