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Bernie Sanders recently went on TV and stated that Obama needs to be Primaried, and challenged from The Left in order to have any chance of salvaging the horrible direction of the Democratic Party and its policy choices.

The only problem is that Bernie Sanders refuses to make that challenge himself. He is too much of a coward. He will go on TV and “disagree” (that’s the easy part) – but do you ever see him, or any other Democrat actually fillbustering Obama’s right-wing, pro-WallStreet, pro-War initiatives day after day after day until they become too controversial to pass, and are forced to die off? No. They’re all cowards. Democrats never fillibuster anything no matter horrible it is for working-class people (since the days of the courageous Mike Gravel, who successfully fillibustered Richard Nixon’s Draft repeatedly over and over until it failed).

I’m surprised that even the last true progressives who were defeated in 2010 (and who got zero help from Obama himself), like Russ Feingold and Alan Grayson aren’t bothering to now challenge him. Even Mike Gravel (who ran in 2008) isn’t challenging Obama, perhaps due to his age.

And what about Al Gore? Remember him? History shows that he legimiately won the 2000 Election, and that most people now know this. And I’m sure his popularity is a whole lot higher than Obama’s is at this point. If he ran it would really put Obama on the run.

If Al Gore were to challenge Obama from The Left, he would have instant legitimacy, solid fundraising capability, and the broad-based popularity and name-recognition to give Obama a real serious run for his (Wall Street) money in the Democratic Primaries.

This is perhaps the only thing now that could ever save the Democratic Party from ruin, and reverse its slide towards an across the board embrace of the most extreme, Neocon-Fascist Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld policies – led aggressively by Obama himself.

So Jane and all the FDL-ers here, can we start a Draft Al Gore movement for President?

He’s the only person out there that has the ability and popularity and resume to mount a deadly serious challenge to Barack Obama, and drive a stake through the heart of Endless Warfare and the gutting of FDR’s social safety net.

Al Gore by himself won’t ever throw his hat into the ring (too busy making money). But perhaps we could persuade him that the entire Democratic Party and all that it once stood for has been destroyed by this man (Obama), and in order to save the Country and the planet (that he cares about) he is therefore duty-bound to serve and to fulfill the mission that he, and only he, is best qualified for. We can remind him that he won the election back in 2000, and the Republican field this time around is quite weak, and a Republican can only succeed by having the disasterous Obama left around as the sole alternative.

So can we speak with one voice here, and avert disaster for the Democratic Party and for the Country?

Draft Al Gore For Presidential Nominee of The Democratic Party in 2011-2012

Without this, everything is lost.

It has come down to this.
We have no choice but to do this now.

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