Man, the citizens of this country are being duped big time, again.
Dupe:  One that is easily deceived or cheated; delude, trick.

President Obama quoted Thomas Jefferson in his nationally televised speech tonight.  Here’s another quote from Jefferson (attributed):

Thomas Jefferson: .”If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered.”

Simon Johnson, former Chief Economist of the International Monetary Fund warned that the finance industry had effectively captured the US government and that “recovery will fail unless we break the financial oligarchy that is blocking essential reform.”

There is no debt ceiling crisis.  Obviously increases in the debt ceiling don’t need to be tied to deficit reductions in future year budgets.   Obama and both political parties and their financial bosses are creating a crisis, shamefully scaring little old ladies about their Social Security checks, the millions that rely on Medicare and Medicaid, and tonight, disability checks for Veterans of the elite’s wars, all to further the agenda of the financial oligarchy. Obama has clearly tied the debt ceiling issue to the debt and deficit issues by his own words.  He is the one who is telling the country we MUST reduce spending and share the “burden”.   Conveniently the Republicans get in the way so the crisis can be deepened and the days can be counted down on CNN.   They refuse to compromise and agree to his token tax loophole changes for the super wealthy even though he’s agreed to begin their mutual attack on entitlements.  That would be hilarious if the situation wasn’t dangerous to the American public.  Classic political good cop, bad cop routine to collaboratively get the main prize while also fighting for political advantage.  

“We risk economic crisis”.  Ya we do, if we let you guys get away with this shit.

 It’s not the Republicans that are the only evildoers here.  The leadership of both parties and the Obama administration are all fully on board with the plan.  The only question is how to achieve it and who gains the most from it politically.  The politics of who gains and whether Obama will fold or hold the cards or look weak is all irrelevant when looking at the big picture.  The only caving going on may be they, our supposedly democratic political representatives, aren’t going far enough for the oligarchy.  But that’s politics.  There are winners and losers and there’s always next time. 

There may be a crisis but it isn’t what we’re being told.  The ones with the crisis are Wall Street and the Too Big to Fail Banks.   They’re the ones who have a crisis because of the $700 trillion derivative market electronically roaming the earth ( and the $5 trillion plus needed for the next bank bailout.  They’re the ones our political representatives and President are concerned about.  Like President Bush said, the elite were his base.  It’s no different with Obama.   More bailouts, more centralization of financial power and more money and assets for the elite, the .01 Percenters of western civilization that want to own everything.

Former Special Inspector General of the TARP bailout Neil Barofsky warned in January 2011 that future bailouts of major banks could be necessary and just last month Barofsky stated in an interview with Dan Rather that the next crisis may cost at least $5 trillion, and told Rather, “You should be scared, I’m scared,” and that a coming crisis is inevitable.
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The .01 Percenters are the ones who have built up and benefited from the budget deficit and the national debt we have now.  The .01 Percenters, with the help from our duped and not so duped (political representatives, “borrowed” our Social Security Trust Fund and still pretend they will pay it back.  Good as gold, backed by the U.S. Treasury, so we’re told.  As long as the Federal Reserve loans the money at interest to pay back the interest or the Treasury sells more bonds to China and we go further into debt to that country.  BTW, the Social Security Trust Fund totals approximately 17% of our national debt. 

Shared Sacrifice my ass.  “Burden fully shared”.  That’s as lame a thing, under the circumstances, I’ve ever heard from a sitting President. 

Supposedly we have 535 political representatives that are debating deficit reduction measures for the United States budget.  Obama wants us to call them and tell them to “Compromise”.  In reality it appears a small number are actually involved.  The rest will vote as they’re instructed or as negotiated for political need.   This while the real rulers of our money, the Federal Reserve, the Too Big to Fail Banks, Wall Street Financial Institutions and the Corporate and private investors who all happen to interconnect (that .01%) throw money to both parties to insure the outcome favors the plutarchy.  Various characters are popping up like rodents (like Hank Paulson, former Treasury Secretary under President Bush) as needed to remind the politicians of their place and spread their special brand of propaganda to the public.

What about the wars?  Not just the ones in Afghanistan and Iraq but the ones in Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, and all the proxy wars this country orchestrates.  Obama didn’t say a word about that.  Then there’s the Pentagon and the Military Industrial Complex, the heads also part of the .01 Percenters who happen to be the primary beneficiaries of this country’s  global imperial and hegemonic agenda and policies enforced by the massive military, intelligence, and security programs.   Total annual expenditures for these programs are estimated at $1.2 trillion per year, more than a third of the total budget, over 60% of the discretionary budget, and nearly the total of the budget deficit.  Offering up a few hundred billion over the next ten years while also saying we have a spending crisis is absurd, Orwellian.  It’s amazing the public will accept that.  There is no intention from those that rule us to end the occupations and hegemonic control of those countries.  And who believes there will be no more wars?  There will be more wars, more countries to conquer, and the Military Industrial Complex must be fed. 

Now we know why there hasn’t been any major jobs program enacted in this country.  The fact is the elite do not want a general recovery at this time.  One reason is to not give citizens a sense of improvement until the banks can be completely bailed out and the derivatives market cleared.  Another is to further the transfer of assets to the .01 Percenters.   And another is the plan by the financial oligarchy to lower wages in this country by 30%.  The Shock Doctrine deep at work.  We are all Greeks.   

We’re screwed man.  The financial oligarchy and the MIC have us completely controlled.  From Thomas Jefferson to Simon Johnson people have warned about the concentration of financial and monetary power to an elite private few.  From Dwight Eisenhower to Chalmers Johnson people have warned about the concentration of power within the Military Industrial Complex.  Now, working in concert with our own government, they’re taking the final steps toward destroying whatever good we’ve known of this country. 

Argue all you want about Obama and the Republicans, it won’t make a bit of difference.  It’s a done deal, the .01 Percenters have taken over.  Money talks, bullshit walks. We’re going to have to take to the streets to change it, nothing else will do.  Efforts or talk to impeach or primary Obama serve only to mask what we really need to do to change the system.  The fucking .01 Percenters have us by the balls.  But We outnumber them by about 307 million.

Big Al

Big Al