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Attention; Christians, Muslims and Jews.

Christians, Muslims and Jews

The cancer that destroyed the mind of the young man from
Norway is the same cancer that the rich and powerful have used throughout
history to divide, conquer and oppress nation after nation. You can’t ignore
history because it will repeat itself. That is the history our Forefathers used
to give us separation of Church and State in the Constitution of the United
States.  You will not read in our Corporate
Media that our hospitals are full of our young people that can’t correlate life
with some things they were taught in their religion classes. It is the same cancer
that the Religious Right and Corporate America used to hold our Nation hostage
to four extra years of the Bush Administration that destroyed so many lives in
Iraq, our economy and our reputation. It is my duty as an American to protect
the right of everyone to practice whatever faith they choose. It is also my
duty to prevent anyone from forcing their faith on anyone else.   It is facts
that if there is a God that created all living things and he wanted us to all
think alike he would have given us like minds.

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