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Henry Waxman (D-CA) to Obama: “If You’re Going to Cave, Tell Us Right Now”

Pictured: A Firebagger.

Elizabeth Drew’s piece in the New York Review of Books is making the rounds, and this passage jumped out at me.

Because of the extent to which the President had allowed the Republicans to set the terms of the debate, the attitude of numerous congressional Democrats toward him became increasingly sour, even disrespectful. After Obama introduced popular entitlement programs into the budget fight, a Democratic senator described the attitude of a number of his colleagues as:

Resigned disgust at the White House: there they go again. “Mr. Halfway” keeps getting maneuvered around as Republicans move the goalposts on him.According to a report in The Hill newspaper in late June, the tough-minded, experienced, and blunt Democratic Representative Henry Waxman of California told Obama in a White House meeting that he’d asked several Republicans about their meeting with him the day before, and, “To a person, they said the President’s going to cave.” Then the congressman said to the President of the United States, “And if you’re going to cave, tell us right now.” The President was reported to have been displeased, and responded, “I’m the President of the United States; my words carry weight.”

Stunning, just stunning. Here’s one of the most reliable Democrats in Congress, telling the President he’s weak to his face.

The list of Firebaggers grows longer by the hour.

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