I long ago wrote that progressive blogs don’t do a good job of marketing themselves. To support that notion, I did a small survey of lefty blogs that I frequent, to see if they had an email/tell-a-friend feature.

I recently noticed that FDL doesn’t even offer the ability to print out an article, without the comments. Not a tragedy, but not providing this makes it somewhat less likely that people will print out articles, and then leave them where the unblogged masses could run across them. This represents a lost opportunity, both for FDL as a business, as well as a loss opportunity to spread progressive memes and information. It might also represent a huge lost opportunity, insofar as it might inhibit somebody from making a habit of printing out LOTS of copies of FDL diaries and passing them out to the public*, perhaps to motorists, which is a technique I suggested in How squeegees can help save America, and your sanity – going beyond blogging to the choir.

Today, I got curious about what the state of the networking art was with some righty blogs or web sites, so I took a quick look at RushLimbaugh.com, MichelleMalkin.com, and AnnCoulter.com.

Turns out that these 3 righty sites span a range from excellent(Limbaugh) to almost totally missing (Coulter). (I assume that they all send out some email blasts, every so often, but I don’t want to spend the time to look into that.)

Rush Limbaugh is the king, with a Print facility (no need to filter out comments, since he doesn’t have them), Email, and 349 Social Networking options.

Michelle Malkin is in the middle. No email or print, but there’s Facebook and Tweet widgets.

The pits is Ann Coulter (couldn’t happen to a nicer person, eh?). She has neither Email, nor Print, nor Social Networking (though there’s a site-wide Twitter feed).


OK, I just took a look at NewsMax. I’ve gotten many rightwing emails from my mother, who I believe gets most from a friend of hers, who told me that NewsMax is a good source of info. (I actually took this seriously, for a while, until I noticed that they rarely blamed Republicans for anything.) So, I guessed that they were likely to be more like Rush Limbaugh, and less like Michelle Malkin and the ever-charming Ann Coulter. (I jest. About “charming”, that is.).

Turns out that I was right. NewsMax has Print, Email (“Forward Article”), and 13 Social Networking options.

* Not sure this is legitimate, due to copyright issues. Anybody?