Compromise with the Right? Why the hell should we?

The president has it wrong, again. The American people don’t want Congress to COMPROMISE with the unpatriotic, mendacious rightist zealots on the Right. We want the president to use the 14th Amendment to STAND DOWN the Republicans’ hostage crisis on the debt and force reform of taxes and end subsidies to corporations; and force NO CUTS to the essential social programs.

America has no debt or deficit crisis. It has a jobs crisis. The President needs to focus on this issue, and say clearly that THERE WILL BE NO DEFAULT period, so forget that, we must move on. The Republicans have no interest in good faith negotiation; they are like the Nazis in 1933… they want to force their unpopular policies and consolidate power regardless of the will of the people. We NEED the president to be the Champion of the People.

The hour is late, but there’s no time like NOW for the president to show historic leadership.

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