The Roundup for July 24, 2011

Get ready for a rollicking week around the debt limit. But there’s more going on beyond that:

• Joe Nocera gives a good rundown of what Elizabeth Warren has had to deal with for the last year. In the story, Warren admits she would have taken the job at CFPB if asked, but adds that Republicans “made it so clear that was never going to happen.” She’s being generous.

• Here’s more on the state-based equivalent of the US Attorney scandal, the firing of Theresa Edwards and June Clarkson from the Florida Attorney General’s office because they were too competent in rooting out foreclosure fraud.

• Hundreds of same-sex couples were married in New York today, with the first coming a minute after midnight. I watched a little of Michael Bloomberg marry two of his gay staffers. By the way, Rick Perry said he’s fine with marriage equality in New York, because it represents a triumph of federalism.

Larry Summers: “I’d rather see us focus on the jobs deficit. I’d rather see us focus on the public investment deficit. I’d rather see us focus on the human capital deficit.” Larry Summers said that.

• Gretchen Morgensen writes about the foreclosure fraud settlement and whether they will try to whitewash the MERS mess in the process.

• Federal judicial vacancies are higher than they were at the beginning of the year.

• Looks like the Norway killer was on a mission to start a crusade against Islam and its sympathizers on behalf of Christendom. Europe does need to come to terms with its right-wing xenophobia problem.

• Here’s money that could come in handy during the deficit debate: the $34 billion that the US wasted in Iraq and Afghanistan contracts.

• Don’t know if chained CPI is dead or not, but it’ll probably be with us as a concept for a while, so it’s worth understanding how it would hurt people with disabilities.

• OCC Acting Director John Walsh is a menace, who could and should be replaced at ay time, especially now that there’s a nominee (the FDIC’s Thomas Curry) named to replace him.

• NATO is running of of things to blow up in Libya. It’s as if close air support in a civil war doesn’t work or something!

• Rupert Murdoch continues to face pressure over his shirking of responsibility for the phone hacking scandal in Britain. Guess he didn’t fool anyone with his performance before Parliament. Oh, and CNN’s Piers Morgan, a former News of the World editor, is implicated.

• Great, the Wanker caucus wants to appoint one of their filthy rich centrist bretheren President again.

• Looks like the maid who accused Dominique Strauss-Kahn of rape is going public in the media with her story.

• America’s mayors want the debt ceiling raised but they also desperately want jobs for their communities, and federal spending is one of the few ways to get there.

• Surprised this accusation of sexual assault against Rep. David Wu (D-OR) hasn’t gotten more coverage. This goes orders of magnitude beyond Anthony Weiner, if true. Nancy Pelosi appears to be pressuring Wu to resign.

• Culture of corruption watch: it’ll be a race to see who’s next to resign from the House, Wu or alleged tax evader David Rivera.

• Worth reiterating: the US pays lower taxes than virtually any country in the industrialized world.

• People can’t even buy basic necessities in the Lesser Depression, but that suits companies who are making record profits anyway just fine.

• Thousands of anti-austerity protesters in Spain filled the main square in Madrid after walking across the country.

• Speaking of capitol square protests, Egyptians are back in Tahrir after violent clashes with the government.

• The Pelican Bay hunger strike is over and strike leaders have declared victory, but the California Department of Corrections needs to be watched like a hawk on this.

• Bill O’Reilly may be the sanest guy on Fox News, but that makes him the tallest leprechaun, basically. He’s still a classless individual.

• RIP former Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman John Shalihaskvili.

• RIP Amy Winehouse. The Dead at 27 Club grows.

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