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Kevin Zeese put up a post this morning at the October 2011 site that is worth a bit of your time. Incuded in the post, in fact its prime substance, are Thirty-Five videos of recent non-violent protest actions.

From Kevin’s post :

October 2011 seeks to Stop the Machine and Create a New World. It can be done. Indeed, it must be done and now is the time to do it. The thousands who have joined know the challenges we face but we also know that the disastrous direction the country is going is unacceptable. We have seen that the normal tools – elections, lobbying and education – do not work. The U.S. is facing a crisis on many fronts – economic, environmental and in foreign relations – and the government does not respond or even makes things worse.

And Further :

 There are always people who say “it can’t be done.” If the human species lived by that credo we’d still be living in caves and not growing our own food. Africans would still be slaves in the United States. Women would not be allowed to vote. All of these changes became inevitable after seeming impossible. Indeed, change is inevitable. Our economy is collapsing and government is dysfunctional. This cannot continue. Change will occur. It is our job to direct it to a better world.

Beneath the post, a commenter, Lisa Simeone, asks the question :

I wonder how many of these actions Americans — even politically aware Americans — know about. One? Two? None? The corporate media dismisses them with barely a sniff, while hanging on the Tea Party’s every word. Sooner or later, there will be a reckoning.

I agree Lisa. There will be a reckoning……………there must be.

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Robert Alexander Dumas