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Sunday Talking Heads: July 24, 2011

Surprise!  We have the debt ceiling looming, some bipartisaniness and a dash of equal marriage.

Stop back for FDL Book Salon, The Illusion of Free Markets, and Monday’s movie, Florent  “Queen Of The Meat Market.”

This lovely video is from Edger’s diary, so go there to comment.

And now a word from our Scarecrow:

Interesting: no one from the nominal Republican leadership, and no one who can represent liberals/progressives, but there are several conservatives and Tea Zombies.

So the negotiations must be between the White House and the Tea-GOP Zombies, and the only nominal Dems we’re allowed to hear are those Pod people likely to be 100% loyal to the White House.

I guess the Democratic Party just disappeared last week.  Do they care?  Will anyone miss them?

Also missing: economists and public policy advocates who might say this is all nuts; budget experts and defenders of public programs that are being slashed every day in the House Committees while no one notices — defenders of the forgotten programs that get lumped together in the “$1.5 to $3 trillion or so in discretionary spending,” as though it were just some extra money you might have sitting around to go to the movies.  Just one example:  All climate research and regulation is being defunded, while most of the country is baking.

No one to represent the jobless, the homeless, the uninsured, the record number of children in poverty or any of the millions of America’s whose real crises are ignored by the most irresponsible Congress and White House in my lifetime.  There are not enough rotten tomatoes . . .

And Teddy remarks, in Teddy style: “Oh, those pesky starving millions in the Horn of Africa.  How dare they nudge into our Potomac drama? …with their dire prediction of what our future will look like.”

Hot enough for you?

Washington Journal: 7:45am – Jennifer Rubin (Wash. Post) & Jim Gerstein (Dem. Pollster) on Politics.  8:30am – J.J. Messner (Fund for Peace Senior Associate) on Failed States.  9:15am – Jon Jarvis (National Park Service Director) on State of Nat’l Parks.

ABC’s This Week: Debt Ceiling – Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.  Bipartisanship – Former Senate leaders Trent Lott (R-MS) and Tom Daschle (D-SD).  Equal Marriage – Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I-NYC) and then some.  Roundtable: George Will, Arianna Huffingtont, Charlie Gasparino, Alice Rivlin.  Ends with ABC News correspondent Lama Hasan on the drought and famine in the Horn of Africa.

CBS’ Face the Nation: Debt Ceiling – White House Chief of Staff William Daley, Senate Democratic Whip Dick Durbin  (D-IL), Senate Republican Whip Jon Kyl (R-AZ), and Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA), and Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA).

CNN’s State of the Union: Debt Ceiling – Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. Then, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Rep. Tom Price (R-GA).  Horse Race – Tim Pawlenty.

Chris Matthews: The Anatomy Of A 2012 Obama Reelection Plan. Can Obama Run On Hope And Still Look Credible?

Fareed Zakaria – GPS: Historian David McCullough.  Libya, Syria, and Afghanistan with Anne-Marie Slaughter and Gideon Rose. And more.

Fox News Sunday: Debt Ceiling – Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. Then, Tea-GOP freshmen Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) and Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL). Roundtable: Brit Hume, A. B. Stoddard, Bill Kristol, Juan Williams.

NBC’s Meet the Press: Debt Ceiling – White House Chief of Staff William Daley. Sen.Tom Coburn (R- OK). Roundtable: Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE);  Tea party freshman Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL); Mayor of Newark, Cory Booker (D); Doris Kearns Goodwin; Andrea Mitchell.

Newsmakers: Rep. John Larson (D-CT) told Newsmakers that he would prefer Congress “pass a clean debt ceiling” without any other proposal or policy measure attached.  He blamed Republicans for “holding hostage the debt ceiling and the nation’s economy.” …

Q & A: Erik Larson, author of a new historical narrative detailing with the life of William E. Dodd when he became America’s first ambassador to Adolf Hitler’s Germany in Berlin during 1933. The story follows Dodd and his family, including daughter Martha, as they interact with Joseph Goebbels, Hermann Goring and other top level members of the Third Reich during the years leading up to World War II. …

Religion & Ethics.

60 Minutes: Resurrecting Eden – In Southern Iraq where many biblical scholars place the Garden of Eden, Scott Pelley finds a water world where the “Marsh Arabs” are making a comeback after Saddam nearly destroyed the “cradle of civilization.” Mitch Landrieu – The New Orleans mayor talks to Byron Pitts about the city he loves and his efforts to heal wounds it still suffers from corruption and Hurricane Katrina. The “Sharkman” – Anderson Cooper dives unprotected with great white sharks and the South African who’s spent more time up close with the ocean’s most feared predator than anyone else.

To The Contrary: Guest Host: Cokie Roberts. Topics: Should birth control should be free to women; Senators’ efforts to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act as New York becomes the largest state to legalize gay marriage; and Former Xerox CEO Anne Mulcahy’s transition from the corporate world to nonprofit work. Panelists: Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC); Genevieve Wood; Judge and Debra Carnahan; Nicole Kurokawa Neily.

Univision’s Al Punto: Oscar Alvarez, Minister of Public Security of Honduras; Sen. Charles Schumer, (D-NY); Santiago Creel, Former Interior Minister of Mexico and Presidential Hopeful (PAN); Janet Murguia, President and CEO, NCLR; and Isabel Allende, Chilean Novelist.

Virtually Speaking: Chicago Dyke and Jay Ackroyd consider developments of the week, highlighting issues neglected or misrepresented on the Sunday morning broadcasts of traditional media.  9pm ET.

C-SPAN’s Book TV.

FDL’s Book Salon: The Illusion of Free Markets: Punishment and the Myth of Natural Order. “It is widely believed today that the free market is the best mechanism ever invented to efficiently allocate resources in society. Just as fundamental as faith in the free market is the belief that government has a legitimate and competent role in policing and the punishment arena.”   Chat with Bernard E. Harcourt about his new book. Hosted by George Grantham, 5pm ET.

FDL Movie Night Monday: Florent  “Queen Of The Meat Market.”
With Director / Producer / Cinematographer David Sigal, Florent Morellet and Lisa Derrick. “Let Julianne Moore, Isaac Mizrahi, Michael Musto and other famous (and infamous) faces take you on a fantastic voyage to New York City’s legendary Florent diner.” 8pm ET.

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