Taking a break from how reality is failing us in every conceivable way. Here is the the Joy Formidable.

Going to see them in a couple of weeks.

Also.. Fenway is just fine. As you can kind of see below, the luggage is still there, it’s just empty. Actually the slack way it just hangs there reminds me of Joe Lieberman’s neck.

Just try to not think about that next time you see Holy Joe on teevee.

Also. Too. Blogging will be spotty this week between a lot of real world work, and the L&T Casey and I have a logjam of shows to go to (A Perfect Circle on Tuesday, Yuck on Friday, and Fucked Up on Wednesday if I can talk Casey into it) and we’re doing a family outing Thursday night for the midnight Cowboys & Aliens showing. Olivia Wilde. Yum.

Sleep is overrated, y’know…

Also. Also. Also. Ha ha. Too.




Yeah. Like I would tell you....