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Doing the Hokey Pokey

For those who aren’t familiar with the Hokey Pokey:

(Don’t know why this video below doesn’t come up as the licensing is standard youtube but all that happens when I preview is the text for the link; It’s what I would have preferred as the hokey pokey vid.)

Anyone else see the correspondence to what is going on in D.C. nowadays?

This is territory that is really Dakine01’s territory but I felt people needed to see this as it provides some explanation of why there’s such a focus on ‘the deficit’ and ‘debt ceiling’ instead of jobs. Simply stated, if there isn’t an analog of the 1930’s Depression era WPA the jobs problem isn’t solvable. And no one in D.C. wants to even bring it up because it doesn’t ‘fit’ the ‘need for austerity’ meme.

So please see “The Problem of US Employment” at this link and the graphs associated. You’ll see what I mean about jobs.

And you will also read about how Europe is screwing themselves which is important because it will affect everyone else.

Caveat: I don’t agree with a lot of this particular authors perspectives as he is part of the ‘market players’ but on the jobs and Europe issues, I do concur. And this part of his posting: “I am making a last-minute trip to Washington, DC on Sunday, at the invitation of some Senators and Congressmen. Monday morning I will be meeting with Congressmen, then have lunch with some chiefs of staff of Senators (evidently, some of them actually read me – who knew?), and then have meetings with a growing group of Senators, some of whom seem to have read my book, Endgame.”

scares me bigtime unless he’s just meeting with DeMint,Paul, and the other member of the Senate Tea Party Caucus.

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