Climbing Out of a 16 Trillion Dollar Hole!

While watching Democracy Now this past Friday I happen to catch Michael Hudson at the tail end of the program. The thing that blew the vacuum tubes in my mind was the price tag Hudson attached to Wall Streets  global gambling spree; 16 trillion!  Nomi  Prins in her book  “It Takes a Pillage”  kicked around figures between 3 to 6 trillion (800 billion was a joke), but “for Ford’s sake! 16 Trillion!  The Gross National Product of the United States is (correct me if I am wrong) 14.01 trillion.  All you Dress Blue wearing kick ass military types (and their groupies) who proudly snuff poor people in mud huts with million dollar missiles,  grab your guns; Wall Street just   knocked over America like a cheap liquor store and Bush/Obama were the “wheel men!” Hell, enough of my babbling, check out Hudson.

Part 1

Part 2

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