Breivik is a fascist and there’s a more than a whiff of fascism in the air on both sides of the Atlantic. .

Racism and the elimination of unions and the left are the core of fascist politics.

Breivik embraces racist Islamophobic fear mongering, a modern day equivalent of anti-Semitism. That and his cowardly attack,  murdering almost a hundred Labor Party children and youth are all the proof anyone needs. 

He may also be a rightist and a christer fundamentalist – those politics and fascist politics often run on parallel tracks in the EU and elsewhere. In the US their convergence is accelerating with ever more severe attacks on labor unions and a ramping up of terrorist threats and attacks on GLBT folks and people of color, particularly immigrant workers.  

Incidents of murder and other acts of violence against LGBT folks are on the rise again, egged on the fight over same sex marriage and the comments of bigots like Obama, Palin, The Clintons and Bachmann denying our humanity by denying that we have the same rights as others.

The deep seated racism against immigrants is based on attempts by Democrats and Republicans alike to exploit their labor while denying them basic human rights. For instance Obama and the Democrats, with applause and smirks from Republicans, decided to deny health care to imported workers in Obama’s fake health care program.

In Palestine, zionists, who are  extremely right wing,  long ago settled on a course of racist Islamophobia to justify their campaign of ethnic cleansing.  In doing so they emulated the Germans ethnic cleansing  in Eastern Europe, although they have not yet begun an organized genocide. Perhaps shame holds them back from taking the next step. They also copy much of the strategy of eurochrister colonists in the Americas who literally invented racism (as opposed to national chauvinism, which is as old as dirt) to justify their repeated mass murders of native peoples here and in what’s now Latin America and to  justify their genocidal importation of enslaved Africans.

Here is the home truth about fascists  – there can be no compromise with them. They mean to murder us. That is the awful lesson of the last century in Italy, Spain and Germany. They are our deadly enemies and we have to take all necessary steps to defend ourselves from them. Any step to accommodate to them or pander to them is a step towards the ovens.

Bill Perdue

Bill Perdue