More chins than brains (by Gage Skidmore).

Jennifer Rubin’s “we must keep building aircraft carriers to protect ourselves against homemade car bombs” post was close, but the winner is the most consistently stupid wingnut on the planet, none other than CNN’s Erick Erickson.

With Christians, it is rather rare to see a self-described Christian engage in heinous terrorist acts.


The implication here, I suppose, is that “heinous terrorist acts” (is there any other kind?) are commonplace among Muslims. But statistics show this is false. Of the billion Muslims in the world, those who commit acts of terror are in the tiniest minority.

But in any case, who does Erickson think founded the most vicious and murderous domestic terrorism organization in the United States? Who does he think was responsible — in his home state alone — for over 500 acts of terrorism? Who does Erickson think were the major combatants during the Troubles? Who does he think blows up abortion clinics and assassinates physicians? Who does he think killed Dr. George Tiller or went on a shooting spree in Knoxville? Who does he think founded the Hutaree Militia, the Army of God and the Aryan Nations? Who does he think the worst domestic terrorist in US history was palling around with?

In fact, living where he does, Erick Erickson is statistically far more likely to get killed by a right-wing Christian terrorist like Anders Behring Breivik than a Muslim one. So I suppose his argument can be summarized thusly:

Christianity is good and terrorists are evil; therefore, Christians can’t be terrorists.

Great hire, CNN!

Blue Texan

Blue Texan