We’ll have to wait for tomorrow night’s weekend box office take to find out if Sarah Palin’s wacky teenage sex comedy Sarah & Todd Make A Promo is continuing to break all box office records for documentaries about grifting snowbilly families led by a former half-term governor (this is an actual Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences category… you can look it up).  Since America loves to keep up on movie grosses because they are the primary indicator of how good a movie is, outside of a collectible cup tie-in at Taco Bell, I thought we would check in and see if the crowds have died down.

Let’s see… when we last took a gander, the weekend grosses showed a whopping three-day weekend total of $65,132 which no less of an authority than Big Hollywood’s John Nolte would point out is the exact same amount the original Star Wars movie  grossed its opening weekend …. had it been released in 1939 when tickets could be purchased for a nickel or two bottle caps from Dr. Browns Cel-Ray soda (It’s Cel-lerific!). Through Thursday the film has reached the olympian heights of…. $76,718.

Using my Himalayan Pink Salt-powered McCalculator, I get an additional four day take of $11,516, or $2879 per day, which, if we divide it by ten jam-packed theaters bursting at the seams with Real Americans comes to: $287.90 per day.

That is per day.

Not per showing.

Let’s be generous and split that equally between 4 midweek showings per day.

$287.90 / 4 = $71.95 per showing

I’m sure the theaters make it up in sales of Junior Mints and 72-oz tubs of Mr. Pibb….



Yeah. Like I would tell you....