Frankenstein was part of the elite of his day. He was a highly educated noble who thought he was in control of everything. He believed himself so powerful he could create and control life itself. His arrogance and belief in his own power lead directly to his and his creation’s death.

This analogy is in my opinion perfect for today’s Republican party. The corporate powers created the tea party hoping to ride its wave to power which they did. The problem is the tea party is now using that power given it to bring the entire castle down around them. Just as Frankenstein’s monster did not care about his “master’s” ideology or will neither does the tea party.

Business would prefer no default on our nation’s debt because it affects them directly in their pocket books. The tea party on the other hand would not mind a default because in their eyes drowning the beast is more important. If the country defaults its going to be hard to pay for government programs which they despise and government jobs which they despise. I think the tea party actually see’s a net plus to their side. To that end I think if they could they’d move up the default date and have it happen already.

You can’t negotiate with Frankenstein’s monster and you can’t negotiate with an arrogant aristocrat. The only way forward is to batten down the hatches and attempt to weather the next decade of a depression.