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Come Saturday Morning: He’s Not a Terrorist — He’s a Freedom Fighter!

When the news first came of the shocking terror attacks in Norway yesterday, movement conservatives figured that Muslims were the perpetrators:

If you didn’t expect these news, then you haven’t been paying attention: The most popular name for newborn boys in Oslo is “Mohammad”, and the police just reported that ALL rape assaults in Oslo in 2010 were committed by Muslims.

Make of that what you will, but please don’t trot out that tired line about Islam being the “Religion of Peace” — if you buy that line, then you probably also believe that the TSA “keeps us safe” when we fly.

Hell, Mark Steyn called this one about six years ago in his book “America Alone” — only a matter of time, really.

Here’s some more in that vein:

For years the self-proclaimed intelligentsia concluded that terrorism was caused by the presence of US troops on Saudi (holy Islamic) soil and/or the hatred of US military activity in the Middle East. Once that ceased, the terrorist attacks would do likewise. They noted to the lack of terrorist attacks on more neutral countries. Yet instances of terrorist attacks or threats in the past few years in places who neither have troops stationed nor have engaged in military action in the Middle East (Sweden, Thailand, Singapore, India, Russia, Indonesia, others) have weakened their argument.

We should recognize that the motivations of terrorists are diverse, and while some may be motivated by removing infidels from the holy land, others are motivated by avenging the Afghan and Iraqi wars, others by their hatred of Israel, Jews, and by extension the US, and others by their hatred of the west and their desire to turn the world into a caliphate.

Hoo boy.

As Abe Sauer tweeted — after sharing with us various retweets from conservatives who were bound and determined to pin this on Muslims — “I’ve got $100 that thanks to @michellemalkin & #tcot, 3 months from now a survey would show at least 20% think Oslo attacks were islamic.” (See also the graphic above.)

Actually, I’ll go Sauer one better: I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if, now that the perpetrator has been revealed to be Anders Behring Breivik, an Aryan Christian conservative who hates Muslims, he’s defended as a freedom fighter in various conservative circles. After all, here’s what one conservative was saying about the guy’s victims: “Norwegian labor party summer camp = Nazi youth camp”. Yup, the reality-avoidance force is strong with that commenter.

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