No, not just in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya. There is a civil war being fought by enemies of the people of the United States at home that is killing tens of thousands of Americans every year. Who are these Enemies of the People? Virtually every Republican holding elected office as well as a significant percentage of elected Democrats.

Obama should declare martial law before these monsters can destroy the federal government which is their goal: gradually if the Democrats will agree to it or precipitously by shutting it down. Every single elected office holder on record either personally or by affirmation of their leaders who is complicit in the act should be arrested and imprisoned as terrorists and/or traitors, tried for treason and executed.

If Rick Perry and Texas want to secede from the Union let them and then if you don’t cotton to the idea of executing the Enemies of the People ship them to the new country of Texas where slavery of all races, but not classes, will be reinstituted as an obvious requirement of a “free” market system.


Make no mistake! This is where we are headed. Only the wealthy ruling class will have their needs met and more, the police and military will have their needs met to keep the ruling class in power, the rest of us will just die much sooner and in much worse circumstances than we currently experience.


They must be stopped NOW!