Obama Diet Plan For Seniors

It is so thrilling to realize that after Obama is finished with his big plan I will only be able to eat everyother day of the month. Why he felt the need to throw seniors under the bus is a mystery to me. Of course he said that we all need to eat our peas, I wonder what it is like to be able to afford peas. Considering that SS hasn’t raised in the last two years (also due to Obama) and utilities, gas, food and medicine have all taken major hikes, It’s nice to know he is there for us to make sure we receive the cuts in SS that we so obviously need. Since his concern is so deep he has also decided to cut medicare so we don’t receive to much medical care which could affect our health. It is comforting to go to sleep at night knowing that when we wake up that he has probably found another cut to needed services that might be required. I bear no ill will, afterall I only paid in to SS my entire working life to receive these cuts. Will I vote for him again? No, you have to make cuts somewhere.

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