New, excellent Michael Hudson interview from earlier today on Democracy Now. The whole thing is good, but this really jumped out at me:


AMY GOODMAN: Well, what about that? I mean, the very people that are supporting the Tea Party, you know, congressmen activists, are these very same financial institutions that, of course, are demanding a lifting of the debt ceiling.

MICHAEL HUDSON: What they’re pushing for really isn’t a default on the debt. They’re pushing for a crisis to let Mr. Obama rush through the Republican plan. Now, in order for him to do it, the Republicans have to play good cop, bad cop. They have to have the Tea Party move so far to the right, take a so crazy a position, that Mr. Obama seems reasonable by comparison. And, of course, he is not reasonable. He’s a Wall Street Democrat, which we used to call Republicans.


A  fake “crisis” to rush through shock doctrine was the banksters idea.


Obama gets to play his “Look at how reasonable I am” card, his “I really care about working people and the elderly and I wanna tax the rich” card… Boehner gets to play the “liberals and their OUT OF CONTROL SPENDING BINGE”  card, and do his Coffee Talk crying act over the poor “job creators”…but they’re all being told what to finally agree on in the end.