Who can say for sure? Its like all those reports out of Iran, Syria and Libya that pwogs steadfastly refuse to believe because there is no media trustworthy enough to obtain the news.You can’t selectively believe the US media only when it suits your purposes. Well, you can and do, but thats why you have zero integrity and no support.

This we do know. Obama spent the better part of the last two weeks painting the Republicans into a political corner of damned if they do, damned if they don’t. Their leaders cave and their whack jobs revolt. Their leaders stand beyond their whackjobs and the voters will punish them eternally. Or at least in 2012, which is all that matters to them anyway.Obama needs to stop wasting his time trying to learn how to be an average golfing hacker and take up poker, a skill that would benefit him immensely in his daily job activities.


Mr Presidit, dude, you hold all the cards in this game and forget about the “scary” timing of the Aug 2 endgame. There are still several cards left to be played, and yours are way stronger.

Besides, Poker is only over when its over. The deadline works to your advantage.

Start upping the ante in your favour now, not later. The reality for you is that there is no “later.” This is the defining moment. Whatever you do, you need to keep growing the pot. Make the opponent go all in.

“Increased taxes on the wealthy today. Sure, next year we’ll definitely vote on some modification of the future inflationary increases for the wealthiest social security recipients.”

Let the Tea Parties howl. So what? It will be the sweetest song to the ears of the 80% of Americans who correctly blame them for causing this fake deficit debacle, not to mention the deficit itself, in the first place.

Look in the mirror, if you need to, and summon the courage. After all, you came to Washington to do big things, or WTF. What could be bigger than breaking the feverish delerium of thirty years of Reaganomics, once and for all?

If the mirror doesn’t work, I suggest your wife take you over her knee and spank your bottom.


The fucking Republicans will fold, dude. Their “leadership” for all intents and purposes has already folded, you just keep extending them life where they have none. Their House whackjobs cannot withstand forever the public onslaught against their “no new taxes ever for any reason” BS.

Neither the American people nor the Chamber of Commerce buy it. The AARP really doesnt buy it.

Bet on it.

Its a beautiful play, dude, I mean Mr. Presidit Sir, if you really do have some K-jones.

You do have a pair, don’t you? Boehner, McConnell and the dastardly straight out of Hollywood villain Cantor are easier targets than Osama, Mr. Presidit, sir. Holmes.

Scared of the potential splotch against your name in the herstory books?

Better to go down in history as a looser with his balls intact than a dead eunuch forever heaped in scorn. Either way, you get to keep the nice parting gifts.

And the chances are 81-19% that you hold the winning hand.


Note to Byron and Reft, et al:

I know, I know, this is all just kabuki to make the American people willingly swallow another cumload of Obama/rich people jizzzz.

Thanks for the handy all-purpose explanation, boys, but with your breathtaking perceptiveness still cums the full realisation that the Obama/rich people jizzz is dripping every bit as much off your face, too.


What you gonna do about it pwogs?

Blog about it some more?