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Friday This & That, Open Thread

It’s an open thread! Pleeeeease feel free to chat, blogwhore, and link-share in the comment thread… Emoticon: Autumn Sandeen, snarkily shifting her eyes right-to-left-to-right

Image: Bookworm Bob, the cartoon 'sockpuppet' of Autumn Sandeen'sSo, this is what my cartoon sockpuppet Bookworm Bob have been looking at since our last This & That post — which was quite awhile ago. Emoticon: Raised Eyebrow

• Another trans murder in DC. From the Metro Weekly‘s Transgender Woman Killed; Victim was shot early Wednesday morning in Northeast Washington:

A transgender woman was shot and killed in Northeast D.C. during the early morning hours of Wednesday, July 20. The Metropolitan Police Department has little information about the suspects other than that they are ”two black males,” according to MPD Public Information Officer Gwen Crump.

The victim has been identified as 23-year-old Lashai Mclean of Northeast. The homicide took place on the 6100 block of Dix Street NE, in the same neighborhood as the Wanda Alston House, the home for LGBT youth that is a project of Transgender Health Empowerment (THE).

”The matter is under investigation,” Crump said.

According to an MPD press release, members of the Sixth District station responded to a reported shooting at 4:26 a.m.

But the police didn’t get Lashai Mclean ‘s identity or gender right. From the Washington Blade‘s D.C. police struggle over disclosure of transgender murder:

D.C. police initially withheld information disclosing that the victim of a shooting death early Wednesday morning in Northeast Washington was a transgender woman, reopening concerns among LGBT activists about police handling of crimes affecting the transgender community.

In a press release issued Wednesday afternoon, police identified the victim as “23-year-old _________ Mclean of N.E. Washington, D.C.” The release made no mention that “_________” is the legal birth name given to a transgender woman who had been using the name Lashay Mclean following her gender transition over the past several years.

The press release – the only information released so far by police – says Sixth District officers responded to a report of a shooting on the 6100 block of Dix Street, N.E. at 4:26 a.m. on July 20 and found the victim suffering from an apparent gunshot wound.

A vigil has been scheduled for tonight Saturday.

Ex-Gay Watch‘s Married Ex-Gays Stay Homosexual, Activists Still Claim ‘Ex-Gay’ Is an Orientation:

But that was over a year ago. Since then, research has suggested that men in mixed orientation marriages — that is, married ex-gays — remain just as gay in orientation. And the data comes from an unlikely source: Mark Yarhouse, a social scientist at Pat Robertson’s Regent University and one of conservative evangelicalism’s foremost researchers into sexual orientation change.

Yarhouse, best-known for the 2007 Jones-Yarhouse study with Stanton Jones, drew his latest conclusions from a survey of 106 husbands and 161 wives in mixed orientation marriages. The men had an average age of 45 and had been married 16 years. Conservative Christian therapist Warren Throckmorton summarizes the findings for us:

[The data] demonstrates that the Kinsey scores shift more toward the heterosexual side when the participants were asked about their sexual behavior but when asked about their attractions, fantasies, and emotional attachments, there was no change. The Kinsey Expanded scale included an average of participant Kinsey assessment of behavior, attractions, fantasies and emotional attachments. … At any rate, the results are consistent with what I am finding as well. People adapt their behavior to their beliefs and commitments but their orientation does not shift, on average.

• Still going with the ex-gay/ex-transgender theme, we have God Discussion‘s Thai Buddhist monks “pray away the gay” in Kathoey-Ladyboys:

Thai Buddhist temples now offer courses in “maleness” for kathoey “ladyboy” gays. In Thailand, a kathoey is a male-to-female transgender individual or an effeminate gay male.

According to reports, Thailand has the largest transsexual population and, though, it is generally claimed that traditional Thai society is tolerant of transgenderism, there is significant evidence that in Thai society transgender identity comes with a degree of social stigma.

Kathoeys who wish to learn how to “bring out their inner man” may enroll in Buddhist temples to train to augment their masculinity. In the temples, the pupils are subjected to strict rules of daily living designed to make them unlearn their “girlish” habits.

One of such temples is the Kreung Tai temple, which admits teenage Kathoeys for “masculinity training.” The pupils are banned from using powder, make-up and perfume. They are not allowed to play any “girlish games.” …


Yahoo‘s Two never-used Navy “ghost ships” sent for scrap:

In the era of massive belt-tightening budget cuts, the story of two never-completed, unused Navy ships now being sent to the scrap heap after costing U.S. taxpayers $300 million is a case study in Pentagon waste.

Requisitioned by the U.S. Navy in 1985, the two oil-hauling ships, the Benjamin Isherwood and the Henry Eckford, “have never gone on a mission, were never even completed, yet they cost taxpayers at least $300 million,” the Virginia-Pilot’s Scott Harper reports.

Swell. In honor of this wasteful spending, let’s cut Medicare and Medicaid payments to the elderly and disabled. /snark

Link To Pam's House Blend Tag 'Wieners'; Image: Smiling, waving hot dog saying 'I'm a wiener!'• Our Wiener Story Of The Day: NBC Los Angeles‘s Lakers Star Allegedly Caught Parking in Disabled Spaces:

LA Lakers center Andrew Bynum has allegedly been caught on camera parking his black BMW in not one, but two parking spots reserved for the handicapped.

The photos, provided exclusively to NBC4, were taken by an LA Parking Enforcement official at the upscale Bristol Farms Market in Playa del Rey.

NBC4’s exclusive interview with the parking official who took the photos here.

NBC4 questioned Andrew Bynum, 23, about the alleged incident as he was getting into his car recently.

There’s video at the link for the article.

But as always, “The weenie tempts you!” — but hopefully not “wiener” behavior tempts you.

So anywho…It’s an open thread! What are you thinking about today, or what books or articles have you been reading the past few days? Wanna share?

And again, please feel free to chat, blogwhore, and link-share in the comment thread because…it’s an open thread! Woo-hoo! Emoticon: Dancing happy face character

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