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As I look at my Son…

” by Gilzee on flickr”]"father and son [1]"There is no greater gift to a man than a newborn son.  Perhaps, as wonderful a gift that he is, this situation is quite frightening too.  It is one thing to walk through life depending on myself; and, the talents I do possess to get me through the obstacles of existence.   As my little boy is concerned, endeavor can be treacherous.  In our household, he will be raised with a healthy stress on education, respect of others, service to community, and discipline.  Thinking of a more fond time (before mine) when the “American Dream” was attainable, I find today’s world staring at my son with malcontent.   Simply put, Aidan’s world is mocking his very existence.

How is he supposed to receive a decent public education with budget cuts dismantling basic necessities like teachers, class size, and even extra curricular activity?  We cannot afford the private education that my more financially fortunate brothers’ and sisters’ enjoy.  There are no funds in my bank account to send him to “Baby Harvard”.  Without healthy social interaction, quality teachers, and reasonable class sizes, how does Aidan succeed?  I do not believe in home-schooling, nor does my family have the means, or proper knowledge to provide it.  I fear for my son, and I despise the situation being created to spite him. 

As an American Indian, some people may imagine how my family felt about my service to this Country.  My wife – whom is also Native, has questioned it.   Though when I was a teenager, I understood the importance of respectability.  I had virtually zero chance of obtaining that by staying on the Reservation.  That being said, it is not just reputation that I am talking about, but also a sense of duty to my fellow man.  I hope to teach my son the same lessons.  However, is Aidan supposed to be expected to open the door for old people, listen to his elders, give different types of people proper consideration, or even respect authority figures when his environment is filled with rhetorical poison?  If his leaders do not have enough self respect to act with professionalism towards each other, why should he give notice to anything that I just mentioned in the former?  When people of prominence belittle and even alienate gay individuals, how is Aidan supposed to know that they are human beings that deserve respect?  When our country sponsors policies that place the elderly and handicapped in more and more precarious situations, why should my son think it’s wrong?

I am not the type of Father to shield my boy from everything.  Nor will I ever lie to him about the world outside his front door.  But, how am I supposed to react if he adopts the viewpoints and actions of unconscionable people?  This has always been a dark and dangerous place, be that as it may, I hope he can succeed in spite of all of the hate, greed, and disrespect.

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Brandon Duran

Brandon Duran