"Hamburglar is NOT Mayor McCheese"

"Hamburglar is NOT Mayor McCheese" by KidUgly on flicker

Michele Bachmann is the #2 pick of the GOP to run for president in 2012. We think they have some better options.

The Top 5 Candidates Republicans Should Vote For Ahead of Michele Bachmann:

1) Barack Obama: He is already doing almost everything you want anyway.

2) The Hamburgler: He’s honest about his intent to take the food off your table.

3) Actual Bat Shit: ’nuff said.

4) Halliburton:  You didn’t know? This corporation is now a person. Thanks Citizen’s United!

5) Kermit the Frog: If we are going to have a puppet, lets at least have a likable one.

Who did we leave off?  Who should Republicans consider before Michele Bachman?

(Remember this is COMEDY and SATIRE here people.) Make us laugh!

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Absurdity Today