Does that sound harsh, callous, unfeeling?  Put yourself in the place of someone who is handed a folded American flag at the funeral of a loved one who was killed in Afganistan, or Iraq. If harsh language is what it takes to wake people up, then I accept the accusation of being callous.  I will not relent.

The Iraq and Afganistan  wars were, and are not now justified , but our politicians are so far removed from the personal sacrifices , it does not hit home for them; Until Senator Giffords got shot. By no means would I try to trivialize that tragedy, but this is what happens to our service people in the war zones on a regular basis.  I never see their tragedies driving the news cycle.

And yes, I am concerned about the solvency of our country, but you have to ask yourself, why we are not showing  more concern for people dying? All the money in the world will not bring a loved one back. FDL, surely you have some hangers-on from the 70’s . I will never take anyone seriouslythat can’t take on more than one challege at a time. To me  ending the wars are more important than whether or not I will get my Social Security check.   

You FDL people are in DC, what can I do to help? Lets bring our folks home. We don’t need to sacrifice lives for oil, or in my case, political ideologies. 

Sgt. Charles L. Bell USMC,  2507642, Vietnam 1969