In Defense of My President

     Evangelical Conservatives’ hate him.  Social Conservatives’ loath him.  Economic Conservatives’ slander him constantly.  The Tea Party calls him a coward.  Less than mentally prudent radio hosts’ create a steady stream of lies and fear regarding the man.   Then again, far left Liberals say he has abandoned them.  Most Democrats say he needs to pull out of the wars now.  The Elderly think that he is playing poker with their benefits.  The gays say that he is not working hard enough on their issues.  Latinos and Hispanics think that he panders for votes but does not care about immigration.  The Black Caucus wants more jobs.  Cornell West says he is a Mascot.  Everyone wants more jobs.    Oh, and young people are losing interest due to the latest Facebook update.  I wonder if any of these unusually “Nostradamus” like people will ever run for President. 

     As I have followed Barack Obama through his candidacy, and the first few years of his Presidency I have also been let down by some of the things that he has had to do.  In the face of such disappointment, I have done what I did as a young Lance Corporal… I have LET THE MAN LEAD.  I might be a little bias as a Former Marine, but; I do believe that Leadership is not something that comes easily, or with great popularity.  People praise Lincoln, Roosevelt, etc.; however, I think that most fail to recall that these Presidents’ were quite controversial.  I do believe that most people whom spit venom at our President would shake in their proverbial boots were they handed the responsibility of such an office.  The problem with free speech is that it gives any person who thinks that putting sentences together automatically merits some sort of special recognition.  I am so tired of idiots taking up valuable oxygen. 

     Barack Obama is the furthest thing from a coward.  Mr. Obama is a Black man that ran for and got elected to the highest office in the land.  If you think that doesn’t take courage, you truly do need to have a lesson in American History.  He is a Democratic President that has doubled down on the war in Afghanistan, pulling the trigger on the operation in Pakistan that got Osama Bin Laden.  I want us out of there too, as I believe the President does.  But you can’t just tuck tail and run.  War doesn’t work that way for America.  He attempted and succeeded in the Affordable Health Care Act, something that no President has been able to do.  As unpopular as it is now, remember the “big three” were not very popular in their inception either.  These are but a few courageous things our President has done. 

     Now with the Debt Ceiling crisis.  Everyone knows that this is something that has continued in our government back to and before President Kennedy.  However, does anyone remember it being this big of a deal?  Most certainly not.  Maybe because everything he tries to do is greeted with stiff opposition, he wants to play politics as well.  I am just as disgusted with it as you are, but a bully can harrass for  only for so long before he gets hit back.  I still trust the President.   

     I have no problem just saying what the real issue is for Mr. Obama.  Not only is he a Democrat, but he is African American.  I am not precise on this, but I would venture to say that 97% of Conservatives are from upper middle class Anglo Saxon backgrounds.  This is a class of people that are largely ignorant to the social struggles of the elderly, gay, poor and minorities.  Unfortunately, I think with that comes a certain sense of racists tendencies no matter how diluted.  When people question whether or not he is an American, or that he hates America.  It is simply a racist statement.  The whole birth of the Tea Party is mainly racist.  Obviously, I have gone off on a rant, so I will close it with this. 

     I was raised on an Indian Reservation, in an ultra-conservative town.  Racial epithets were common, along with bullying.  My people and I were and still are thought of as less than everyone else.  That is no different from what is happening to Mr. Obama.  During September 11, 2001, I was already deployed in the Middle East as an Infantry Squad Leader, in charge of 14 Marines.  My decisions were not always popular, and a certain percentage of my men did not care for me.  However, they all trusted me, because I was ONLY PARTISAN TO THE CORPS.  Just as Obama LOVES AMERICA.  I understand and can recognize leadership.  Our President, even with his flaws, is a courageous leader.

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