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The short-lived MSNBC career of Cenk Uygur came to an end last night.  He lasted barely more than 6 months after being hired in January of this year.  It wasn’t his ratings that Phil Griffin didn’t like.  There was nothing wrong with Uygur’s ratings.  According to reports, it was Uygur’s “tone.”  Mr. Griffin didn’t like.  Uygur said that, in April, MSNBC president Phil Griffin called him in for a talk. Griffin allegedly told him that “people in Washington” were concerned with his tone on the show.

“‘Outsiders are cool, but we’re the establishment,’” Griffin said, according to Uygur, who said he was also told to book more Republicans on the show.

Really, why would we expect any less from a media network owned by General Electric, the largest war contractor in the nation?  That’s what I would like to know.  Mr. Uygur is not the first person that GE has censored.  They and their network have a long and well-established history of censorship:

MSNBC president Phil Griffin suspended Olbermann indefinitely without pay for contributing to political campaigns.  However, as reported by media watchdog, Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR), it appears that MSNBC’s parent company, General Electric (GE) along with potential new owner Comcast, both violated the company’s “news policy and standards” by each donating millions of dollars in campaign contributions.Phil Griffin didn’t like Keith Olbermann’s tone either so Keith was eventually fired in January of 2011.

MSNBC political director, Chuck Todd, told Mike Gravel that he could not appear on the Democratic presidential debates because he had not raised a million dollars.  Mike Gravel was the only liberal candidate among all the Democratic candidates for president.  A Wall Street corporate run network decides who can and cannot debate for the office of President?  Please tell me how this is any different from a state-run media network such as they had in Egypt before their revolution?  A CORPORATION DECIDES WHO CAN AND CANNOT DEBATE FOR THE HIGHEST OFFICE IN OUR LAND?  I THINK IT IS TIME THAT WE TAKE BACK THE AIRWAYS THAT WE OWN.


This bunch of thugs not only censor people they disagree with, they even censor programming  on public channels as well. For nearly a year, KQED refused to air Deadly Deception, the Academy Award -winning expose of General Electric,  produced by filmmaker Debra Chasnoff.

GE has a horrible corporate history and they are in bed with at least 25% of Congress and the White House.  #1 GENERAL ELECTRIC – 106 total Investors  52 Democrats and 54 Republicans
Wonder why GE did not pay a dime of federal income tax in 2009 and 2010 despite billions of dollars in profit?  Congress doesn’t give a rats behind.  They got that money back in dividends. Wonder why GE’s CEO Jeffrey Immelt is one of President Obama’s financial advisors?  I don’t know about you but It don’t like the idea of a rich income tax evading corporation’s CEO having the President’s ear.

HERE IS THE LIST OF WHO NOT TO VOTE FOR IN 2012. Please note:  There are  almost as many Democrats as Republicans on the list. Of course, if you approve of censorship, then it’s still a free country and you can indulge your stockholm syndrome all you like.


IT’S TIME FOR US TO CENSOR GE AND THEIR WEASELS LIKE MR. GRIFFIN AND MR. TODD and we can censor those in Congress who own GE Stock as well.  GO HEREfor a list of Congressional members who own GE stock.

I say it’s time that we censored MSNBC and its right-wing double standards.


Liz Berry

Liz Berry