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We Are All Firebaggers Now


It seems the other blogs refer to anyone challenging obama as a “firebagger”

I happen to love the term personally, sort of like “yankee” was supposed to be a pejorative when first used, (I think by the british) and the yanks loved the term so they took it up

So now, if you challenge obama you are called ” a firebagger”

I made the following point on one of my favorite blogs, “they gave us a republic (;

we’ve been ahead of obama since even before he was elected, most of us noted he was not the man campaigning…we hoped he would change and be more progressive then his record, we held our breath

People like ecahnomics and Jane herself were talking about Obama being a corporatist, others as well.

From endorsing telecom immunity even before he knew what crimes were committed, who committed them, who crimes were committed against, what was taken or even what damage might have been done to our national security

To forcing the dems into voting for bush’s redistribution of middle class assets to the wealthy, marketed as “tarp”, giving money and jobs to the very people that caused the problem, we had great pause

then when in office continuing the bush/cheney torture programs, and even defending those willingly breaking our law, and giving blanket cover to the criminals who brought this country to it’s knees, that’s when most of us started actively calling him out

and he has continued every step of the way, he gave away drug competition, he gave away the public option BEFORE negotiations for health care even began, and he INTENDED on giving away OUR investments into the social net, investments that have paid dividends, taking those assets and actually giving them to the wealthy, he WANTED to gut social security even before he took office

there is no way, just NO way a republican elected as a republican could deconstruct our economy t, or legacy, or our middle class the way this republican elected as a democrat

the man dressed in blue is red

Do NOT campaign for the wolf unless you are prone to voting against yourself, against your kids and your grand kids

I GUARANTEE more damage will be done with a red man dressed in blue then a red man dressed in red

if the wolf comes in looking like a wolf there is FAR less damage then if the wolf comes in looking like a sheep

it’s time

it’s time

we MUST campaign against obama, we MUST even if it means getting a wolf in charge dressed like a wolf

we NEED to primary obama and if that does not work we NEED to campaign against him

sorry but it’s time progressives started looking out for our kids instead of our ego

we used to laugh and laugh about how the republicans had “cognitive dissonance”

now the firebaggers are laughing and laughing at the progressives who have it

STOP rooting for the guy in your uniform when you KNOW he is playing for the other team

I do believe we ALL need to become firebaggers now if we are indeed going to “keep our republic”

let’s get rid of the dino

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