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The “moderate” Republicans and the Corporate Centrist Democrats present themselves as the “sensible” ones who are in the middle.  That is half the truth.  The Corporate Centrist Democrats (Clintons, Obama, the President’s cabinet, etc.) and the “moderate” Republicans definitely represent a “middle of the road” stance, but the other half of that truth that they leave off is that the road road they represent is only designed for those who can afford to drive a Hummer.  Those of us who can’t won’t be able to travel too far down that road of theirs without breaking an axle–and in fact, many of us already have.

The Tea Party belong to the box of Apples as well.  They want the same thing that people like the Clintons, Ben Nelson, Obama, and Wall Street executives like Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs want–only difference is:  They want even more of it.  Most of the “Apples” leadership (and this includes the Tea Party) are millionaires.  If there are any “crazies” in the Tea Party, that would be members who are not wealthy.  The Tea Party is nothing more than a harsher version of rich with multibillionaire David Koch at its helm.

The millionaire corporate centrist Democrats have far more in common with the radical right Tea party members than they do with progressives of their own party.Corporate Centrist Democrats, Moderate Republicans AND Tea Party members all support Milton Friedman’s economic ideology that has been in place for about 60 years–the economic ideology that works for the rich and destroys the middle and working classes.


The Oranges are represented by a growing number of people who realize that our elected officials in Washington are not representing the majority.  Instead, our elected officials are representing their own personal wealth and stock portfolios not their main street constituents. The Oranges are beginning to realize that we must change our economy at the root level of its broken ideology if the majority of us are to survive.

Oranges are outside the box that has been circumscribed as “acceptable” by the rich. More ordinary Americans are joining us every day as they see more of their way of life being ripped apart by Wall Street Millionaires and their stock monkeys in Congress.

Corporate Centrist Democrats, Moderate Republicans, Tea Party maniacs all belong to the same box of Apples.

Bernie Sanders is not perfect, but he is the only member of Congress who even comes close to representing the majority of American citizens (the 80% of us who earn less than $100,000 a year).  And while the Oranges may be without a leader, the same can be said of the GOP, the Tea Party and the Democrats as well.  Ordinary American citizens are going to have to take up the gauntlet and run for office in 2012 as Independents.  If you think that you are going to “convince” the stock monkeys in Congress, then you still have more hard lessons to learn.



Liz Berry

Liz Berry

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