The Measure Of The Man

Outside of FDL, there exists a bounty of writers/bloggers I treasure that are scattered about the ‘net landscape . . . which is why I treasure FDL so much, it houses some of the best, most productive and I don’t have to cast my clicky about the ‘toobz.

One of those that I often look to is the Editor of Truthdig Dot Com, Robert Scheer.

He’s got a most compelling and spot on read regarding ‘Liz Warren and our President.

*warning HuffPo linky*

This Is That Read.

I have nothing to add as a set up. I certainly have little to comment regarding the article as Mr. Scheer pretty much says it all.

Why ruin a good read . . . 😉

Have at it Pups, is this the measure of the man?

I vote, fucken ay YES it sure as hayall is.


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