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Allen West Don’t Take No Sassy Mouth

Start talkin’ shit, wouldn’t ya know,
I reached back like a pimp and I slapped the ho…

– NWA – Boyz In The Hood

Thin-skinned war criminal Allen West got all butt-hurt by Debbie Wasserman Schultz when she pointed out that he likes to kill puppies favors rich people over the poor, so he slipped a note in her locker telling her how much he hate hate hates her…oh, and he copied everyone else in Congress so they wouldn’t think he was a pussy. This gave Big Brain Bryan (formerly of Hot Air now working the slums of Pajamatown) a bitchslap erection and, in rising to the occasion to defend West, Bryan kind of made Waserman Shultz’s point:

DWS’s response, delivered through her spokesman, is your typical Democrat response to anything a Republican does: She accused West of trying to balance the budget “on the backs of seniors, the poor, the middle class” and so forth. How original. The Democrats have only used that against every Republican over the last hundred years.

Even if it were true, at least he’s trying to balance the budget.

Thanks for clearing that up for us, Bryan.

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