The Kleptocracy’s Great Global Gamble and Why They are Doing It Now

The last four years have been very interesting, have they not? The Great American Housing Bubble and a financial collapse only averted by the US Treasury shoveling trillions of dollars made out of thin air to the Wall Street banks; the Rape of Greece and the current campaigns by the American and European financial elite(ie the Kleptocracy) to do the same to Ireland, Portugal, Spain, England, and Italy; the relentless assault against what remains of the New Deal and Great Society, not to mention public employees, in numerous states by governors both Democratic and Republican; and now, the use of the debt ceiling “crisis” as an excuse to start the final destruction of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and every other social safety net.

As far as that last thing goes, did anyone else notice that Obama only issued dire warnings that Social Security checks may not go out on August 3rd if no agreement is reached, but he didn’t breathe a word about stopping bond payments to billionaires, payments to defense contractors, or subsidies to Big Agra and Big Pharma?

Did anyone else notice that when the banks needed a bailout there was no talk about how we just didn’t have the money to do that? But we don’t have the money for Social Security or Medicare?

Not quite RIGHT!”–Supertramp

But why is there this global push by our financial kleptocracy, that close-knit community of bankers, financiers, and other self-proclaimed Masters of the Universe to loot every public asset they can sink their bloodsucking fangs into now?

I can’t prove this, but I have a theory. They know we’ve hit peak oil production. That is, the global capacity to produce oil has been irrevocably surpassed by global demand for the same. Our whole economy, our whole way of life, is based on relatively cheap oil, and the days of cheap oil are ending. From now on, the price is mostly going to go up, and the trend is irreversible. Rising oil prices will eventually disrupt everything, transportation, a lot of electric power, the world’s various militaries, and, of course, the banking system.

So the kleptocrats are scrambling in manners both desperate and premeditated.  They are scrambling to take as much wealth as they can now in order to hold onto as much power as possible when the Great Collapse comes, a collapse they know is inevitable, a collapse that under even the best conditions will unfold over the next few decades.

They are scrambling now because right now, at this moment, they dominate most Western governments. They are using government power to advance their own class interests while they still can. They must feel, as I do, that there is a fundamental political shift coming, a shift caused by the awakening of class consciousness across the world.

The sleeping giant of middle and working class consciousness is starting to wake up and rub its eyes in the Middle East, Europe, South America, Canada, and China. It’s still pretty comatose in the United States, but when enough people here get kicked in the financial shorts, well, Americans are capable of waking up pretty damned fast.

So the kleptocracy is moving as fast as it can to gain the most for itself that it can, while it can. It’s a pretty desperate gamble, really, one it would not have had to have taken if it had just accepted some basic Social Democratic medicine a la the New Deal, but its members are arrogant and feel entitled and said “Hell No!, we want it all NOW! Not that liberal shit again! Screw everybody else!”

And they are screwing us like mad. They won’t stop until we stand up and stop them, either, like people have started to do in the Arab world and in Europe.

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