Yes, the US, or rather, Obummer and Foggy Bottom, will be mortified in being left holding the bag, by vetoing the Palestinian Statehood bid, when it reaches the UN Security Council, after attaining near unanimity in the approval of said bid, upon the floor of the UN General Assembly in September…! Also, note that Grenier says that 3/4ths of the Quartet already supports the Palestinian Statehood bid…!

Now, here’s Foggy Bottom’s official Summary of Quartet Meeting on Middle East Peace…! Basically, they had agreed that the ‘status quo’ was completely ‘unacceptable’, but, offered only the thin gruel of ‘renewed talks’… Which, inexplicably, is still being spearheaded by the Poodle Blair…!

I’ve been remiss of late, and not posted recently on the I/P, and a lot has happened since my last post…

Most notably, today, the lone Freedom Flotilla 2 ship, that had managed to escape the Greek blockade, was swarmed by the IDF, about 20 miles shy of Gaza, and towed to Ashdod… As Ha’aretz reported: Navy intercepts final flotilla boat in international waters, Israeli commandos faced no resistance… Hmmm… No resistance, what a foreign concept…

Of course, the single biggest ‘hurdle’ to ‘peace’ is the Settlements…

EU: Israel plan to build more homes in West Bank threatens peace efforts

EU spokeswoman says ‘deeply disappointed‘ by Israel’s decision to build hundreds more homes in the West Bank as part of nation-wide plan to lower housing prices.

Now, in another very interesting development…

Erdogan Plans Possible Gaza Strip Visit

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Tuesday he would like to visit the Gaza Strip after his upcoming trip to Egypt.

Erdogan said the plans are not definite. He said Turkey’s foreign ministry will work on making the arrangements and that “if conditions are favorable,” he will consider making the visit.

Analysts say the prime minister’s statement could reignite tensions between Turkey and Israel, at a time when the two countries are working to mend a diplomatic rift.

Relations between Israel and Turkey, which had long been Israel’s closest friend in the Middle East, were severely strained last year when Israeli commandos raided a Gaza-bound aid flotilla, killing nine Turkish activists.

The Reuters news agency has quoted Erdogan as saying it would be “unthinkable” for his country to normalize ties with Israel, unless Israel apologized for the deaths of the Turkish activists…

Bibi and Avi, along with all our AIPAC Apologists went ape shit… Spearheaded by the Wall Street Journal, no less… (I can’t remember the last time I’d linked to the WSJ)

Turkish Leader Proposes Gaza Visit, Setting Up Possible Clash With Israel

Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Tuesday he was trying to arrange a visit to Gaza, a move that highlights diplomatic challenges Israel faces amid the Arab Spring and could undermine efforts to fix relations with Ankara.

Israel opposes any move to provide international legitimacy to Hamas, the militant Palestinian movement that won elections to govern the Gaza Strip in 2006. Mr. Erdogan would be one of the highest international officials ever to have visited Gaza.

The planned visit would be tagged onto a trip to Egypt, Mr. Erdogan told reporters, according to Anadolu Ajansi, Turkey’s state-run news agency. …

*heh* Israel mum on possibility of more talks with Turkey…

Anyways, moving along… My honey has been slammed by the Knesset, again…

Israel suspends Arab lawmaker for joining Gaza flotilla

…The Knesset’s Ethics Committee voted to suspend Hanin Zoabi from most parliamentary debates until the summer recess early next month, while allowing her to take part in any votes held in the current session.

Zoabi was punished after three lawmakers filed complaints against her for traveling aboard the Mavi Marmara, a converted cruise ship stormed by the Israeli navy as it led a six-vessel pro-Palestinian flotilla toward Gaza in May 2010. […]

Zoabi, who has denied wrongdoing in the flotilla incident and says she tried to mediate between the activists and Israeli forces, cried foul at Monday’s decision.

“An automatic right-wing majority should not be permitted to punish me for my political views,” she told Israel’s Army Radio.

Zoabi, 42, the only female member of parliament in a party representing Israel’s 20 percent Arab minority, is a vociferous critic of the conservative government’s Palestinian policies. She was stripped of some of her diplomatic privileges by the Knesset last year. […]

Though guaranteed full civic rights, many Israeli Arabs complain of suffering discrimination under the Jewish majority.

Israel says it keeps Gaza under naval blockade because it fears Hamas could smuggle in arms. But the global outrage caused by its seizure of the ship on the high seas last year has prompted it to allow limited trade through the land borders of the enclave, most of whose 1.5 million Palestinian population depend on aid to survive.

Meanwhile, our despicable Congressional Lemmings continue their blind leaps off the cliff…

US Congress c’tee to consider cutting PA, Lebanese aid

Aid to PA on condition that Israel recognized as Jewish state, aid to Lebanon includes stipulation that no Hezbollah member serve gov’t.

A key Congressional committee will consider a foreign aid bill Wednesday that could threaten funding to the Palestinian Authority and Lebanon and would codify in law the George W. Bush letter to Ariel Sharon.

The bill, drawn up by House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairwoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Florida), would also end by 2014 the president’s ability to waive the law that requires him to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, as well as mandate that official American documents list Jerusalem as part of Israel. The State Department would also have to report on its diplomatic activities on behalf of Israel to end efforts at isolating it.


Coupled with the new Israeli ‘Anti-BDS Bill’ we’ve now descended deep down Alice’s rabbit hole…!

Btw, please read this succinct description of what Bibi has been up to for the past week…

…For nearly a week, Israeli aircraft struck Gaza preemptively. As a result, fear of a new war grows.

Israel claims strikes follow rocket attacks. In fact, when launched, they’re few in number and respond to Israeli aggression in self-defense.

On July 12, IDF jets struck alleged northern Gaza “weapons manufacturing sites,” injuring one woman.

On July 13, three tunnels were bombed. Israel falsely blamed them for “terrorist activity.” Two Palestinians were missing after one of the tunnels collapsed. Later one body was recovered. Five or more other Palestinians were wounded.

On July 14, other targets were struck, wounding four Palestinian civilians.

On July 15, overnight attacks wounded four Palestinians, including two children. Over the weekend, other preemptive raids followed. Blaming the victims, a July 14 IDF statement said:

“The IDF will not tolerate any attempt to harm Israeli civilians, and will respond with determination to any attempt to use terror against the State of Israel. The IDF holds the Hamas terrorist organization solely responsible for any terrorist activity emanating from the Gaza Strip.”

In fact, Hamas is Palestine’s legitimate government. Israel lawlessly terrorizes West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza residents preemptively, falsely claiming self-defense.

On July 17, four new raids struck Khoza village in Khan Yunis, critically injuring two Palestinians and traumatizing dozens of children…

It should be noted that not one Israeli has even been injured, by those recent spate of futile Kassams…!

Two rightwing Arutz Sheva headlines about sums up the situation…

Kassam Lands in Negev; No Injuries… Followed shortly with this sordid ‘headline’, a few hours later… IAF Strikes Terror Target in Gaza…

God bless the Palestinians…!