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The whole point of Senate gangs, whether of Four, Six, or Eight — or even Fourteen — is to obliterate the will of the American people having been expressed by electing Senators of one majority party or another. Right now, the Senate is firmly in Democratic control, but Gangs that emerge are evenly balanced, like the Gang of Six.

Evenly balanced Gangs mean that more conservative, GOP-friendly solutions will emerge, because there is no majority as there is in committees and subcommittees, where the people’s will is expressed through majority control. In order to get agreement on any ideas that emerge from evenly-balanced Gangs, the majority Democratic party members need to move to the right to accommodate the more conservative views of the GOP.

Views those Democrats might also hold, but now can blame on the need to obtain full Gang agreement. It’s rotating villains, Gangland style.

Now, though, as President Obama just announced at his live press conference, he’s gotten a report from the Gang of Six — that he calls the Gang of Seven! Because, as he happily announced, another Republican Senator has come aboard! Necessarily making the Gang’s recommendations even more conservative, because the GOPs now have a majority on a Gang that sprung from a Democratic Senate.

So when the President says, as he did at his press conference today, that the Presidency is in Democratic hands, and he’s developed a Democratic approach to the deficit/debt problem that attacks benefits from the foundational tenets of the social safety net — when he says that he also has a report from the Senate, also in Democratic hands, I think it’s important to remember that that Gang of Seven whose report he’s so excited about reading and aligning with his own administration’s proposal, actually is in Republican control.

We have a Democratic president who’s decided to act as if the legislature is entirely within the control of the opposition party — and negotiate away foundational aspects of the Democratic safety net as if he needs to do that to “compromise” with them. He’s actually ignoring the fact that the Senate is in Democratic control by elevating a GOP -controlled gang to the negotiating table.

It’s almost as if President Obama wants to implement the Republican platform for Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge