Only Poor People Can Be Allowed to Fail

Reading Lawrence Summers in the Financial Times yesterday I came across this statement as his third principle of dealing with the Euro crisis:

“there must be a clear commitment that, whatever else happens, no big financial institution in any country will be allowed to fail.”

And so we have a clear unambiguous statement of the principle of socialism for the rich and powerful, and capitalism, red in tooth and claw, for the poor. Notice that too big to fail has now gone global. Over the past 24 hours this has been sitting out there with no push back or comment from the media. Is it simply an accepted fact that governments around the world — including our own — will now maintain a system where no large financial institution — no matter how corrupt or incompetent — will be allowed to fail?

This while the same financial and political elites demand that all social safety nets be sacrificed on the pagan altar of the Free Market?

Trying to create a world financial system where “no big financial institution in any country will be allowed to fail” is an unsustainable act of hubris and is itself doomed to failure. Doing so while simultaneously casting the poor adrift is shameful.

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