Schadenfreude’s coming my way…

Rupert Murdoch, his son James and their sacked chief executive of News International, Rebekah Brooks, will appear before the Culture, Media and Sport Committee at 2.30pm.

That’s 9:30 a.m. eastern for Rupert to come forward…hopefully without the gratuitous buffalo shot.

And after 4,000 phone hacks, $250,000 plus in police bribes, and millions in hush money paid by his largest Sunday paper, he has a time-tested strategy for avoiding responsibility. He’ll plead ignorance. “Oh it’s such a big company, and I’m over in America, how could I possibly know what happens over here?”

Except, of course, for the last time he testified before Parliament in 2007 — after phone-hacking of celebrities became known, but was purported by Murdoch, Inc. to be the work of one rogue reporter:

“For The Sun and News of the World he explained that he is a ‘traditional proprietor’. He exercises editorial control on major issues – like which party to back in a General Election or policy on Europe.”

It added: “Mr Murdoch did not disguise the fact that he is hands-on both economically and editorially.”

We’ll see if someone notices the distinction later this morning.  There are also some rumors (or since this is the UK “rumours”) that Murdoch may be replaced as CEO as NewsCorp. after the hearing if it goes poorly.  Apparently by Rollie Fingers.



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