Tonight on the Ed Show on MSNBC:

Sam Youngman, White House Correspondent for The Hill

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)

Rep. Donna Edwards (D-MD)

With less than 2 weeks before the US defaults, The Gang of Six is back with a new effort to settle the debt debate (one that cuts AND provides revenue)– but while President Obama praised the group as potentially providing a “bipartisan consensus” he’s still calling for a “fail-safe” backup plan… Dems and progressives are looking for a deal that provides revenue and protects Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security– while the Tea Party is pushing for the “Cut, Cap and Balance” bill. Is there a middle ground? The options are narrowing. We’ll cut around all the wordsmith-ing going on in Washington and get into what it all really means.

Jane Hamsher, Founder of

She talked to Congressman Barney Frank, a crusader for cost-of-living increase, who said he will NOT vote for The Gang of Six deal (which includes a calculation that would decrease cost-of-living adjustments). She reported on the 2000 people saying no to cuts to Social Security or Medicare benefits… who visited over 40 Congressional offices to let them know if they vote for cuts they won’t get support in the next election. Now, she’ll talk to us about what comes next.

Mike Papantonio, host of “The Ring of Fire” radio show

The Murdoch testimony was quite the circus today (sure you’ve heard…. pie-in-the-face included). While the Murdochs and Rebekah Brooks maintained their innocence through ignorance, the drama continues– Here in the US, relatives of 9/11 victims are asking to meet with the FBI over the allegations that reporters hacked into victims’ voicemails. This isn’t going away. We’ll get you all the developments.

John Nichols, Washington Correspondent of The Nation

State Sen. Dave Hansen, (D-WI)

A lot going on in Wisconsin… We’ll be monitoring the results of the first of nine recall elections in the state this summer and bring you the updates as they come in. This is a huge deal: if the Dems regain control of the Senate it could have a big impact on the effort to recall Gov. Scott Walker next year. We’ll also talk about the Republicans trying to pass their redistricting plan tomorrow– which, if it goes through, would mean that some of the folks who win tonight may not even live in their own districts by the end of the week! We’ve been following this for a while.. you won’t want to miss it!