So let me get this straight. The president used the democratic liberal platform as a bargaining chip and was gonna just lay it all on the table, no matter what the polls said. And the GOP said no to revenue increases, luckily for all of us, or programs would have been slashed. And now Ed Schultz is trying to tell me that the president had this clever strategy all along? Come on Ed, don’t be so easily misled! You can’t be that naive to believe he’s all of the sudden fighting for the middle class. Look more closely.

There is no logic or reason in this scenario. Why would it bring his presidency down to finally do the right thing and fight for the middle class? And by the way, he wasn’t. He was giving away the store, as usual.

And when there’s no logic or reason, it usually means it’s a bamboozle. I will not yield on what? What would take your presidency down? Fighting FOR the people who vote for you? Why would that take your presidency down? Or do you mean angering the corporate master would take your presidency down? I’m gonna need some clarification on that, Mr. President.

Tax increases on the top 2 percent that don’t take effect till 2013, after Obama is out of office? You know, when they can extend them, yet again? Another thing that doesn’t happen till 2013? Don’t the Bush Tax Cuts expire automatically, like they were supposed to last November?

What is it with Obama and 2013? I’ll tell ya what. He gets credit now, but it never happens then, that’s what.

Will the American people really buy this script? Is this a coordinated effort? Or just the President trying to slash and burn our programs while pretending not to want to? He wouldn’t fight to raise taxes on the rich unless just to fool us.

He’s not fighting for anything that he couldn’t have already fought for back in November when he let the rich have two more years of Bush tax rates. Now he wants me to believe he’s fighting for me and middle America all of the sudden? That I’m supposed to stand and cheer because he’s fighting for something they will make sure never happens in 2013? Are the American People really that Gullible?

This is just a cheap stunt to try to mollify the base. It will do one thing, that’s for sure. Separate the critical thinkers from the blind followers within that base, or what’s left of it.

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