Senator Durbin,

Unfortunately, I am unable to visit any of your offices today but I did want to communicate to you that if you support or vote for any cuts to Social Security or Medicare, you will never again get my support of vote.

You should know as well as I that Social Security is separate from the Federal budget and is self-funded.  It does not contribute to the deficit.  Why would the Congress and the President push for cuts to Social Security?  It only shows that the banks do indeed own the place and they own both you and the President.

One would hope you and the rest of Congress would understand that the Federal budget is not and should never be treated like a family budget.  I must assume Congress is being willfully ignorant.

If you need to cut the deficit here are some suggests that not only make sense, but will actually work:
End the useless wars,
Cut the useless military budget in half,
Raise taxes to the Clinton-year levels (yes even for you rich people and your super-rich friends),
and why don’t you try this one before telling me I have to settle for less than all the money I put into Social Security: cut the salary of every member of Congress by 40%.

Since you are the #2 person in the Senate, I would expect you to have some clout.  That is why I can say that if cuts to Social Security or Medicare happen, whether you vote for it or not, you will lose my support and my vote.  You should know better and you should be able get the rest of the Senate to vote in the manner an overwhelming number of all people in the US want.

Good luck to you, Senator.



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