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Are People Really This Dumb?

I began to think to myself, what truly separates modern developed nations from those of third world?  The first thing that came to mind was effectual government.  In modern, civilized nations Leviathan is cared for, kept well and therefore performs his duties of ensuring the social contract well.  Yes, yes, yes, but outside a 2000 level philosophy lecture what does that mean? 

Quite simply put, it means the ability of the electorate to maintain the political will, the conviction to maintain a tax and spend economic structure while continually fending off exploitation at the hands of autocrats.  This is the principle form of justice a governing body ensures.  Rarely do the working class ever get justly compensated for their contributions to society.  Leviathan evens the playing field by redistributing wealth in the form of cost of living reduction, fraud prevention and the limiting of market power.  If the citizenry were ever made to pay the true price points of certain services at their true intersections of supply and demand, especially from consolidated providers, the cost of living would be unattainable for an overwhelming percentage of the population.  Could you imagine a completely private police force?  Competing police forces?  How would you maintain fairness?  What about teaching children?  Defense?  Building infrastructure?  These are but a few of the things that the individual depends on Leviathan for.

The ability to maintain a tax code and collection method that effectively taps into yields from national production is mandatory.  Then those collected resources must be applied to the public at large in a fashion that creates a sustainable society.  This must be done or we begin to revert to the state of nature – which is violence – violence that is occurring all across the third world.  Somalia.  Sierra Leone.  Afghanistan.  Haiti.   


This word invokes both fear and outrage.  Why should Atlas hold up the sky?  Because if he doesn’t, it will come crashing down upon his head.  This is an undeniable fact.  The American people are a gravy train for corporations to ride on with biscuit wheels.  We are voracious consumers.  Why oh why would anyone seek to choke the throttle on such a high performance engine?  Reduction in labor expense?  Elimination of the variable tax schedule?  The pursuit of fairness?  FAIRNESS?? 

If you own a corvette you gotta put out the money for good rubber.  Its maintenance expense and the reward is you get to go REALLY fast when the economy is full of liquidity.  I’m not talking about the phantom liquidity of tax cuts for the wealthiest amongst us – which are properly known as leakages – but putting real buying power into the hands of consumers.  That’s when everyone wins.

What these tea partyers are putting forth is their own extinction.  Ending tax and spend will destroy the government’s ability to provide a stable society.  The middle class white conservative will become the poor white trash in the blink of an eye.  Teachers, fire fighters, policemen…  Gone.  Public roads, judicial systems, public works…  Gone.  Colleges, doctors and hospitals, heat and electricity reserved only for the small percentage of those who can afford such ‘luxuries’.  The American way of life will cease to exist as government assets are sold off into privatization and corruption.  The middle class will descend into crushing poverty.

I’m baffled how any tea party member can stand up and demand an end to health care reform, demand to eliminate the department of education, demand an end to school loan subsidies, demand an end to state aid, demand an end to unemployment benefits, demand an end to bank reform amongst many other things that the government provides for them – when in fact these things bring comfort to their lives.

I know a guy collecting a NYC policemen’s pension who hates unions.  I don’t get it.  He has heart issues to boot and the health care afforded to him by the union is keeping him alive – so he owes his continued existence – his very life – to unions – AND HE HATES UNIONS.

I know another guy who is unemployed and living on the charity of others.  He’s pretty much disabled – not in a wheel chair or anything – but really not able to work.  He’s grossly overweight in his late 40s early 50s.  He’s a time bomb.  He is totally against health care reform, extending unemployment benefits or any kind of ‘entitlement’.  He talks about what he watches on Glenn Beck and preaches self-sufficiency.  Meanwhile, he’s impoverished, living on someone’s couch and literally could drop dead at any moment.    

A couple of days ago I saw a big orange H2 Hummer with a very large picture of Barack Obama from the shoulders up on the side of his car.  He had a picture of our President dressed in an SS uniform with the words DER FUHRER in big letters underneath it. 


How can so many people simultaneously be so utterly bamboozled into taking positions that are not only in direct opposition to their interests, but  are the seeming result of sheer lunacy?  They passionately advocate the removal of the public funding that provides them a stable society and prevents their exploitation.  These people are fucking stupid.  There’s no other way to digest it.  There certainly isn’t a way to make sense of it all.

How people cannot understand that the spending they seek to suppress is intended to provide them with a somewhat decent standard of living is completely beyond my comprehension.  But hey, that’s the tea party.  They are the lemmings being collectively led off the cliff.  I just hope they don’t take the rest of us with them.

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