They say the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, but lately I have found that not to be the case.  Today (Sunday July 17th) I attended a house meeting in my neighborhood sponsored by and Van Jones new group “Restore the American Dream”.

A nice  cross section of Progressive  and Liberal Democrats showed up with good food and good conversation in tow.  After we all introduced ourselves and started to exchange ideas like starving intellectuals trapped in a sea of the mundane the host abruptly pulled out his instruction sheet handed down from upon high by the ruling counsel   at  all chatter stopped!  The host began:  “per your instruction sheet we will divide into groups of 6 (there were about 35 people there) and each group will pick a leader who will read from the prepared list of ideas (subjects) , 40 in all and narrow them down to 3 that the group feels  are most important.  The instruction sheet told us what to say, how long to spend on each subject and strongly suggested that we not stray from the prearrange program.

Before I knew what had  happen I ended up a group leader reading from a script handed to me by a   lieutenant.  I did my best to fit in;  I stuck to the script, followed the rules; but as fate would have it the subject of voting for Obama came up.  Basically, it went down hill from there.  The guy sitting next to me (lets call him Obamabot-Prime)  went “full-tilt” into his “Obama and the Democrats are our only logical choice and if you don’t vote for him (them) you will just be throwing your vote away” rant.  I being one who seldom yields to peer pressure  countered with, “for years people like you have told me to fall in line and vote for the Democrats and not throw my vote away voting third party, Green or anyone else who has a platform I agree with.”  Everyone else at the table was on me like flies on a turd!

Being of unsound mind and a even worst body I resisted capitulation as lesser men would not  have;  OhioGringo might have been proud of how I engage these “Obamabots in battle!    They came at me from all sides; “Obama passed heath care!” I countered with, “It was a bailout for big Pharma and the Insurance companies!”  They stabbed at me again; ” His (Obama) hands were tied by the Blue-Dog Democrats.”  I turn and swung a blunt instrument  clearing the room with; “did the blue-dogs make him start a new war in Libya;  allow the crew of Crazy Horse 18 to get off Scott free while locking up young Bradly Manning for life; capitulated  and extended the Bush tax cuts; Guantanamo Bay still open for business; Drone murders world wide; and participating in the misdirection of concentrating on the debt instead of job creation.

By now I had lost all sense of   humanity and civility;  I was swing wild!  A virtual animal I was!  Someone somewhere in the room screamed, ” my God, some one stop him!”   With foam and droll spewing from my mouth I pushed on; ” We on the left worked our butts off for this man to be president only to take a back seat and stand on the side lines while he spends most of his time courting the people who voted for the other guy!”    Obamabot-Prime  lead the counter attack with; ” he (Obama) had no choice (again) the Republicans  boxed him in:  if we give him a second term things will be different!”  From there it went down hill…

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