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Bloomberg News Reports that Chevron Corp. will pay a $900,000 fine to the state of Maine to settle claims that an estimated 140,000 gallons of oil leaked from an oil tank farm it owned into the Penobscot River decades ago, officials said Friday.

The penalty is the largest fine imposed by state regulators in 20 years, but Chevron accepted no responsibility or wrongdoing under a consent decree. Officials say 2,800 tons of oil-contaminated sediment and 10,000 gallons of oil have been removed since 2008 as part of an ongoing site cleanup.

“We’ve spent months negotiating this penalty, which is tough but fair and most importantly will help restore this river and the ecosystems and economies supported by its waters,” Gov. Paul LePage said at a press conference to announce the settlement.  SOURCE


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Notice that Bloomberg news leaves out two salient facts regarding this story:

1.  How much has Maine spent already in this cleanup?

2. A meaningful discussion regarding:  “Chevron accepted no responsibility or wrongdoing under a consent decree.”  [How can a corporation  leak 140,000 gallons of oil from an oil tank farm that it owns and “take no responsibility”?  This is but increasing evidence that Orwellian newspeak has evolved to an even higher level of deceit.]

The entire issue of irresponsibility and neglect on the part of Chevron is totally bypassed, making the $900K fine look like a “gift” to the state of Main from Chevron when in fact it is more like at least half of what the fine should be to cover the damage that Chevron did to the environment.

By the way, in 2009 Chevron made $8 billion in profits and their  U.S. federal taxes were  -$19 million.  That’s right.  Chevron didn’t pay a dime to IRS in  2009 but we taxpayers gave them back $19 million of our tax money because of loopholes that millionaire politicians in DC write for Wall Street Corporations.

Chevron didn’t give the state of Maine a damn thing.  Not a damn thing.  I hope at least a few people in Maine realize this.

This is what Corporations and their billionaire CEOs do:  They steal billions from the people, ruin the environment, endanger the lives of Americans, and then bypass paying taxes to the US government that  they owe because of the millionaire stock monkeys that we have in the US Congress.  Then they turn around and use profits from these ill-gotten gains to “donate” parks, hospitals and contribute to the arts.  And people praise them and name public institutions after them.



If you have not read OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY, I highly recommend it. In 1912, Woodrow Wilson campaigned for President using many Progressive ideas about strengthening the economy: banking reform, tariff reduction and the elimination of monopolies and trusts. The consolidation of these ideas became known as the New Freedom.  Louis Brandeis (who was responsible for many of Wilson’s ideas in the first place) wrote a series of articles for Harper’s Weekly which outlined why the New Freedom was necessary and how best to implement it. In 1914, the articles were collected in book form and published under the title Other People’s Money–and How the Bankers Use It.

You can read these articles online here from the University of Louisville, Louis D. Brandeis School of Law.



Liz Berry

Liz Berry