Sarah Palin’s rom-com about her wacky love affair with herself is not so boffo with the critics or at the box office:

But that doesn’t keep the bimbo cultists at Consevatives4palin from spinning like tops while making big plans to attend the inauguration:

  • I just returned from Indy where I saw the 3:30 showing of The Undefeated.  By my estimates, there were about 75 people at this showing.  Not bad for a mid-afternoon showing of an independent documentary about a single politician.  This is encouraging news, as one person who is also from Illinois went last night and the 6:15 showing was full, and she had to see the 9 o’clock instead.  It’s is showing in a very big theatre, so it must be doing well.  It exceeded even my expectations, and was well worth the 400 plus mile round trip I took from the Chicago area to see it.  If you are within a few hours of a location, do what you can to see this film.
  • Just got back from the 1:50 PM showing of The Undefeated in Grapevine, TX. Attendance was roughly 75 people (I sat by the entrance and counted).
  • The Undefeated is everything that rave reviewers have claimed it is. Thankfully, my wife and I saw the G rated version, so we weren’t assaulted by the filthy vitriol in the clips of the rabid leftists at the beginning of the movie. There were an awful lot of *bleeps* during that part.
  • Finally home and back from seeing the movie in CO during the 1:25 show! I would say between 20 to 30 people were there.  They also clapped at the end.
  • My prediction is that the democrat-media complex will try to sandbag this movie at every turn. If we can push a good enough turnout to get it into a wider release, their tactics will lose all effectiveness. Once this thing hits Walmart there will be no stopping it!
  • Awesome about Orlando!  We attended the 1PM showing on Friday there in Universal Entertainment Complex which had about 25 in attendance, affected partly by it being during the work week at a theater which required one to park in a 1000 car parking lot at the cost of $15 and a pedestrian bridge walk across I-95 of about 1/2 mile.
  • Great ideas. I think it would make a great addition to the video libraries of every retirement home in the country as well.

My favorite:

  • Is it possible that this movie could be the most watched since “Gone with the Wind’.

These people are just adorable.



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