Saving one animal will not change the world but it will change the world for that animal.


An uneventful week at Chez Tigre. Too hot and muggy to do anything.

I woke up at some point early this morning and Sita was on her back with her rear feet against my chest and laying along the length of my outstretched arm. I stroked her tummy figuring I was gonna get grabbed and bitten and she didn’t budge. I went back to sleep. When I woke up to get up she was still there. We’re makin’ progress.


As y’all know I’ve been hooked on a little Allen’s hummingbird named Phoebe and her chicks Joplin and Heather. Two weeks ago both chicks fledged and the webcam was shut down last weekend when they moved into a pear tree and were pretty much unwatchable at a distance. A lady my age and I had been messaging each other for quite a while and she turned me on to a great little book, A Hummingbird In My House: The Story of Squeak by Arnette Heidcamp. A heartwarming story that can be read in one sitting.

Heather (left) and Joplin on 4 Jul in a yucca tree a few feet from the rose bush where they were born.

I’ve got 5 kittens from 2 queens hangin’ out with their moms outside my front door. In the afternoon the sidewalk is in shadow and they’re usually stretched out napping when I get home. When I go out to get the mail they all scurry off the sidewalk into the bushes to escape the two-legged monster. On the way back in I stop and talk to them. Those little eyes looking up at me from the bushes are so cute.

Nappin’ with mom (from LOLcats)

Maru. Can’t get enough of Maru.

Big cats are loud.

Time for noms.

Share your tiger stories with us.

One who is steeped in Virtue is akin to the new-born babe.
Wasps and poisonous serpents do not sting it,
Nor fierce beasts seize it,
Nor birds of prey maul it.
Its bones are tender, its sinews soft,
But its grip is firm.
It has not known the union of the male and the female,
Growing int is wholeness, and keeping its vitality in its perfect integrity.
It howls and screams all day long without getting hoarse,
Because it embodies perfect harmony.

To know harmony is to know the Changeless.
To know the Changeless is to have insight.

To hasten the growth of life is ominous.
To control the breath by the will is to overstrain it.
To be overgrown is to decay.
All this is against Tao,
And whatever is against Tao soon ceases to be.

Tao Te Ching, 55, Lao Tzu