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What Obama is Really Doing (?)

Pure Speculation (TM) on my part:

It is puzzling and infuriating that Obama is even considering cuts to core social programs, central to Democratic party identity, like SS + Medicare much less any substantial cuts at all given that the R’s have basically no leverage on the debt ceiling issue (assuming the Tea-GOP won’t ever vote to raise the limit, while the Corp-GOP will do whatever their corporate master tells them to; that being the case, if anything, Dems have the leverage as has been pointed out by others on FDL).

But maybe that’s just it – the whole point here is to damage the Democratic party on behalf of Obama benefactors; Wall St. etc.

The reason this is needed is because the powers that be have a big problem with the slow death of the Republican Party – the R’s simply can’t attract much of a fan base beyond older or socially conservative white folks, what with their constant bashing of brown people, gays, teachers, poor people, etc, and the white population and even the middle class in general is shrinking.  This is a big problem for them because even revoltingly-large money spent in a campaign can only influence an election so much: maybe 60-80% (?) of an electorate can’t be swayed by near-election advertising at all.  So it’s important to keep things as “competitive” as possible.  Fortunately, the powers that be have our 2-party system to help out: this is tailor made for negative advertising as you only have to field the least awful candidate.

Thus, the obvious and easy remedy for the R’s demographic death spiral is to damage the D’s, in particular the D’s core identity – preferably in a way that humiliates as many high-profile D pols as possible (a la Dennis Kucinich on Air Force One).  This will drive affinity for D’s way down and keep the Kabuki show on stage (“break a leg!”).

Of course, this does run the risk of forcing the creation a competitive third party, but that’s something for TPTB to deal with later when the time comes.

Sound about right?


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