Regardless of how we got to this point, if you oppose Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security cuts to raise the Debt Ceiling, who should you support? Boehner, Pelosi, Reid, McConnell, Obama? Republicans or Democrats?

From all “reports”, Speaker Boehner is ready to cut a deal. He’s ready to accept a 6:1 ratio in cuts to tax increases. Philosophically, Boehner opposes Social programs and Tax increases but he is more concerned with retaining his Speakers Office; therefore, Boehner can’t accept any tax increases. By prioritizing tax increases over budget cuts, Boehner isn’t a threat to Social Programs, and he opposes the current Grand Bargain.

Nancy Pelosi generally opposes cuts to social program but she is willing to make cuts if they don’t directly impact beneficiaries. She has repeatedly said she would support Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security cuts if they strengthen those programs. I have no ideal what that means since Obama refuses to publicly discuss his budget cuts. I believe she will cave (Democrat = cave) to Obama’s demands and sign off on the any deal or the Grand Bargain.

Harry Reid opposes cuts to social programs, and he is willing to entertain McConnell’s “clean” multi-vote Debt Ceiling increase. But Harry will compromise and split the difference with anyone. Although Reid “opposes” social program cuts, he is willing to support the current Debt Ceiling deal.

Mitch McConnell is a southern corporate Republican. He would probably accept Obama’s 6:1 budget cuts to tax increases after he pushed Obama to the brink of economic collapse. However, McConnell has to cover his ass with regard to Tea Party. McConnell proved his true agenda this week by offering Obama a “clean” Debt Ceiling increase with some GOP political cover. Therefore, McConnell opposes the Grand Bargain Debt Ceiling deal.

Barack Obama wants a Debt Ceiling deal that raises taxes and cut social programs. He is willing to give Republicans 6 dollars in cuts to every 1 dollar in tax increases. By the way, Obama’s hero, Ronald Reagan, gave Democrats 3 dollars of tax increases to 1 dollar of budget cuts. Even after McConnell’s offer, Obama still won’t accept a “clean” Debt Ceiling increase. It’s all political to Obama, he believes in nothing, stands for nothing, and fights for nothing. He wants a Grand Bargain to provide political cover for his Reagan Trickle Down Voo Doo economic philosophy and to counter future Romney attacks. He supports anything and nothing simultaneously.

The deal on the table is 6 : 1 budget cuts (Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, etc) to tax increases. Pelosi, Reid, and Obama “support” the current deal. McConnell and Boehner oppose the current deal. As a Progressive, I oppose the current deal because the ratio of budget cuts to tax increases isn’t balanced enough. The Grand Bargain Obama wanted would have cut $4 Trillion over 10 years, but if Obama had not extended any of the GWB tax cuts, we would have cut $4 Trillion over 10 years. I oppose cutting Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, etc while millionaires and billionaires enjoy their GWB/Obama tax cuts. Logic demands I support McConnell and Boehner with respect to the current deal. Thank God for corrupt Republicans because their adherence to warped principles is the only thing preventing Obama, Reid, and Pelosi from cutting social programs. What a Twisted World!

Bin Quick

Bin Quick