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Late Night: The Feel-Aggrieved Whine of the Summer!

The Lame-Stream Media has of course been waging an all-out attempt to discredit Sarah Palin and make her look like a vicious dingaling, employing underhanded tactics such as showing footage of her talking. The most recent instance of anti-Palin LSM venom would be the attempt on the part of the far-left Atlantic to prove that nobody wants to see her new smash-hit hagio-pic, The Uncoherent.

Much to the chagrin of smart-alecky bloggers such as “Mr. T” Bogg, however, Crack Investigators from Andrew Breitbart’s Big Stupid Hollywood are on the case, proving that the Atlantic‘s Conor Friedersdorf is not only not a Conservative as he claims, but a great big lying Leninist, because one of them went to the theater the next day and found out that AS A MATTER OF TRUE FACT, six tickets were sold for the midnight showing that Freidersdorf attended, and this makes the film a ginormous smash, even if none of the other five people aside from Friedersdorf either (a) bought the thickets intending to see the movie, or (b) showed up. Big win for the Conservative Masses!

Besides, the Crack Big Stupid Hollywood Investigator went back for a discount morning showing the next day, and found out — wait for it — that the theater was one third full, and even though the audience was composed of old people too lazy to get a job, not once did they get up on their Medicare-scooters to go pee.

I can tell you that at 10:45 this morning, the theatre was about 1/3 full and the audience sat riveted. I stood on the side and watched the audience more than I watched the film. They skewed a but older, I’d say 47-ish was the average age. But remember that this was at 10:45 in the morning on a work day. Most good conservatives are working at that time and aren’t able to go catch a flick. Not one of them looked at their watch. Not one left to use the restroom.

Yecch. One only hopes that Rich Lowry were not there, as then the poor sods who had to sop up the urine-y cushions would have had even viler substances to cleanse.

In other exciting news of how America Loves Sarah! — I shit you not

It may not be “Harry Potter,” but another film featuring a bespectacled protagonist is racking up strong pre-sales before its national roll-out this weekend.

“The Undefeated,” a glowing look at failed vice-presidential candidate and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has already sold out a show in Grapevine, Texas (population 46,000), according to the distributor Cinedigm.

Crystal meth’s a hell of a drug, I suppose.
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