Read this and thought I’d bring it to myFDL. If it seems like ‘piling on’, well Obama asked for it given his campaign statements.

Harry Belafonte Explodes the Presidential “Make Me Do It” Myth

(And for those who might point out that Obama never actually used FDR’s words, allow to to provide this rebuttal: “This story was retold by Barack Obama at a campaign fundraiser in Montclair, N.J., more than a year ago. It was in response to a person asking Obama about finding a just solution to the Israel/Palestine conflict. After recounting the Randolph story, Obama said he was just one person, that he couldn’t do it alone. Obama’s final answer: “Make me do it.“)

“There is a popular myth which explains President Barack Obama’s reluctance to stand up to Pentagon militarists, Wall Street banksters and corporate greedheads. This myth excuses the president for ignoring massive black unemployment and not providing his promised path to citizenship for the undocumented, for not using presidential authority to halt the foreclosure epidemic, or curbing the hyper-incarceration of black and brown youth. The myth of course, is that President Barack Obama really does want to do all these things and more, but if they haven’t happened it’s because we the people have abandoned our responsibility to somehow “make him do it.”

“But, he said, at one such event President Obama approached him to inquire when Belafonte and Cornel West were going “to cut me some slack.”

“What makes you think we haven’t?” Belafonte replied to the president? At this point the brief encounter was over.

Let’s pause to think about that. When President Obama cusses out Cornel West and personally demands that historic stalwarts of the movement for peace and justice “cut him some slack” on black unemployment, on foreclosures and the prison state, on torture and the military budget, on unjust wars and corporate welfare, on fulfilling the just demands of those who elected him, our first black president is revealing his real self. Far from saying “make me do it,” President Obama is saying how dare you pressure me to do what you elected me to do.”

To complete the saying, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me”. And while I have been known to play the fool in my time of existence on this plane of consciousness, when it comes to Obama I’ve been fortunate enough to have seen through the charade ever since the FISA debacle.

All I can hope -knowing such is a neurotic endeavor- for is a resignation like LBJ’s.



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