Julian Assange in Press Conference after His Extradition Appeal Hearing

Here is video from Russia Today of a press conference that Julian Assange and Kristinn Hrafnsson, WikiLeaks spokesperson. RT claims not a lot of press organizations were there to cover the press conference.

Assange, while commenting on the normal array of issues he normally comments on, comments on the News of the World phone hacking scandal:

No person, no director or spokesperson or contractor of WikiLeaks has even been charged with a crime in any country and yet we have suffered this economic embargo for the past seven months. News of the World has been charged multiple times for sourcing related offenses. That said, it does appear based on the allegation that in some cases News International overstepped the boundaries of what was ethical. That does not mean that an entire newspaper should receive the death sentence. Rather, the few employees or staff or managers should be investigated, perhaps, and dealt with. But should all the journalists in News International and the entire paper go? It’s always a loss to a community when it loses one of its papers. I would ask that people think carefully and distinguish between destroying an institution and cleaning up a few bad apples.

This concern appears to stem from Assange’s belief that how this scandal is handled by those in power could have repercussions for investigative journalists.  [cont’d.]

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